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Our Apps are FLYING off the Shelves – Virtually of Course
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Our Apps are FLYING off the Shelves – Virtually of Course

Introduced in April ’12, ownCloud Android and iOS apps hit the 30,000 milestone today – but that’s not even the most exciting part. Fully ONE QUARTER of that number were downloaded since January 1, 2013 and we are seeing 40% quarter over quarter!

This, on top of the other huge successes from last year:

    • Somewhere around August we passed the MILLION download mark for ownCloud

– That’s ONE MILLION SERVER downloads between the community and commercial versions.
– By the end of the year we had reached more than 1.5 million (1.7 now)

    • Dozens of paying enterprise customers from every inhabitable continent on the globe

– The Community Edition is in thousands and thousands more.

  • Nearly 100 partners around the world who are using ownCloud to help their customers to securely take back control of their data.
  • Nearly 180,000 downloads of our Desktop clients

And now this.

Maybe it’s some of the features with 1.2.0 (bubble notifications, faster syncing and new more informative icons) or the server (higher performance, easier integration) or our mobile apps themselves (Microsoft Office previews, file downloads, external app send to, uploads), whatever it is, our apps are popular.

And for those who missed it – The Linux Foundation seems to think we are on the right track too.

As IT is grappling with the hair-on-file problem of Dropbox in their enterprise, businesses and partners are increasingly turning to ownCloud to get control back.

ownCloud GmbH

February 7, 2013

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