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How to install ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview in three easy steps

Want to try out ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview? It is easy, we'll show you how to install ownCloud Infinite Scale.

By ownCloud

Want to take the ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview for a spin? It is pretty straightforward, as long as you are comfortable with pasting a sum total of three lines into your terminal. Sounds easy like one, two, three, right? That’s because it is, at least if you renounce SSL and other convenient aspects for the time being – remember, we’re just running a local test.

If you work with a linux distribution, you need to curl --output ocis. If your device of choice is a Mac, then you need to curl --output ocis. Whether using Linux or Mac, you need then to make the binary executable using this command: chmod +x ocis. And finally, you’ll need to start ownCloud Infinite Scale with this command: ./ocis server

If you prefer using Docker, pull ownCloud Infinite Scale with docker pull owncloud/ocis and start it using docker run -p 9200:9200 owncloud/ocis:1.1.0. You can also make the data in your ownCloud Infinite Scale persistant by using this command: docker run --name ocis -p 9200:9200 -v /srv/ocis/data:/var/tmp/ocis owncloud/ocis, please configure the shared paths accordingly (thanks for the hint, Sailor_Moon!)

When the server has fully started, open https://localhost:9200 and login using one of the demo accounts (user:password): einstein:relativity, marie:radioactivity, richard:superfluidity

There are also admin demo accounts: moss:vista, admin:admin

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December 18, 2020

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