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ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0 is released!

ownCloud has launched Infinite Scale 4.0, the latest significant update to its secure content collaboration platform. This release introduces a range of new features and functionalities, including enhanced capabilities for importing data from third-party clouds, simplifying data upload, refining search functions with the use of tags and filters, and further enhancing user-friendly linking and navigation.

With the introduction of Infinite Scale 4.0, users of cloud services including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and ownCloud 10 can now automatically import their files into Infinite Scale. This is accomplished through the “Cloud Importer,” a feature by ownCloud, the leading open source enterprise file share and synchronization provider. The Cloud Importer offers both direct and indirect import methods, ensuring the smooth, secure, and efficient transfer of data from various storage locations.

If you can share it, we can import it!

In addition to the direct data transfer (see image below), the Cloud Importer also masters the (“indirect”) transfer of shared files from almost any cloud service.

publicpreview 1

The Cloud Importer in ownCloud Infinite Scale imports shared assets, entire project directories or even large volumes of documents from other cloud providers, in the background, without making users wait.

Additionally, the latest version also speeds up the upload of local files. Users can now easily transfer them to the web interface by using keyboard shortcuts (copy and paste).

Another notable addition is the ability to relocate files to a specific folder within the breadcrumb navigation using the mouse. Furthermore, Infinite Scale 4.0 introduces expanded context menus along with the newly introduced “File Control Bar,” an interface that consolidates all file actions.

File Control Bar

The File Control Bar lists all the commands that are useful in the current context in one clear menu.

Share, find and organize data more easily

With the release of ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0, sharing links has become much more efficient for users. Now on, when a file is shared with users, they can view the complete file path, enabling them to effortlessly identify its location without extensive searching. For external users, the file path remains concealed as before, ensuring privacy. Another new feature is the automatic opening of linked files in the app associated with the file type, ensuring a faster operation for the user.

Infinite Scale 4.0 also introduces the concept of tags, extends the filters and can highlight search results of the full text search in files. Tags help organize content, filters help narrow search results, and highlighting makes it easier to find the relevant file(s).

Furthermore, Infinite Scale 4.0 introduces the concept of of tags to enhance content organization, expanded filters to refine search results, and the ability to highlight search results within files using full-text search.

Fulltext Highlights

The full-text search in ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0 now also offers a preview with context.

Location Filter

Among the new filters are those that allow users to filter by the location of the files, for example, “search only in this folder”.

filter tag

With the new keywords (“tags”) feature, documents and content can be organized more efficiently and found more quickly. The tags are stored in the metadata and offer extensive possibilities, clearly demonstrated by the search function.

“With Infinite Scale 4.0, we are taking ownCloud to a new level in terms of usability and efficiency,” said Holger Dyroff, COO of ownCloud. “The functionalities of full-text search, keywords and links, and also the ability to import data make the platform a true all-rounder in secure and effective collaboration for anyone who values data protection, security, scalability and stability.”

To learn more about the new features in ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0, take a look at the release notes, the Infinite Scale 4.0 factsheet or the official documentation. You can download Infinite Scale 4.0 and try it out. Please feel free to contact ownCloud directly for any assistance or questions.


August 29, 2023

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