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Welcome to the Infinite Scale Beta!

What a moment for ownCloud and our community! The very first beta version of Infinite Scale, the new cloud-native data platform developed by ownCloud, is available as of today!
Infinite Scale

We are thrilled that the first beta version of Infinite Scale (2.0.0) is now available. As announced last week by our CTO, Klaas Freitag, Infinite Scale, our new open-source and cloud-native data platform, has entered the beta phase today. In a nutshell, this means that we’ve reached another milestone in the development of our new cloud-native data platform: The product now comes with all the features that we have planned for the upcoming general availability release and we have the confidence to invite external parties into the quality assurance process.

We want to thank the ownCloud community for the steady interest and support in our ideas and work as well as the patience and help during the development phases. Our special thanks goes to the early adopter group for their feedback and early testing and to the highly competitive market environment that has pushed us towards best performance. We also want to thank our former CTO, Felix Böhm, and all current and former team members involved in the creation of Infinite Scale for their hard work and dedication for the project. A special shout-out goes out to our development partners at CERN and the CS3 community for their great support and contributions around the CS3 and REVA projects.

Leaving ‘technology preview’ behind, the beta phase is the last development phase before Infinite Scale will be available and recommended for production use. That being said, it comes with a couple of promises: The APIs, file system layout and other technical attributes are kept stable in the ongoing development. Any changes in these regards will be released according to semantic versioning and will be covered by migration steps that run during the update routines. To facilitate testing efforts, we have compiled an overview list of current features and test scenarios that can be walked through to explore the product. You can find those together with a list of useful resources below. If you want to know more about the Infinite Scale product, make sure to have a read on our product overview page.

Going forward, we are planning biweekly beta releases to incorporate the feedback. With each release, we’ll also have public discussion meetings for mutual exchange. To stay informed, you can sign-up here to be notified about any news around the Infinite Scale beta program.

How to get started with Infinite Scale

To get started with Infinite Scale, you basically have two options:

  • Set up Infinite Scale locally or on a host machine of your choice (Docker being an option as well!). All supported deployment options are covered in the Infinite Scale documentation. In the most simple case, it only requires you to issue a couple of commands on the terminal to be up and running.
  • Get a free 14-day ready-go instance managed by ownCloud for testing purposes. More information on this can be found here.

We are looking forward to any feedback you might want to share. Please see the guidelines on how to provide feedback below.
Stay tuned, spread the great news and happy testing!

Test scenarios

To facilitate beta testing, we have compiled a number of test cases that can be used to explore Infinite Scale hands-on. We suggest to not just work through them rigidly but to rather consider them as an orientation and be creative with various use cases and usage styles. This way, we hope to get feedback in many different areas to make sure that Infinite Scale is not only fun to use but also covers the diverse use cases in the community.

Find the test scenarios here:


Find below a list of functionalities that are available in the beta/GA product:

Category Component Comment
Local (POSIX) “ocis” driver (“decomposedfs”), the default filesystem for Infinite Scale
NFS (POSIX) “ocis” driver (“decomposedfs”), the default filesystem for Infinite Scale
S3 “s3ng” driver; with decomposedfs for metadata (POSIX)
ownCloud 10 SQL storage driver Needed for parallel deployments with ownCloud 10 and for migration purposes
Users & IDM
Integrated, lightweight user & group management (LibreIDM) Out-of-the-box integrated user & group management; can be replaced with external LDAP
OIDC (LibreConnect) OpenID Connect for user authentication and single sign-on based on an integrated identity provider; can be replaced with external identity providers
User roles system Define user roles based on permissions to create a segregation of duties in administration as well as to distinguish user types
LDAP integration Integrate an external LDAP/AD user directory
Content Collaboration
File Management (Upload / Download / Rename / Copy / Move / Delete / etc.) Ability for users to conduct basic file and folder operations as well as synchronization with clients
Sharing / Access management (permissions on data) Ability for users to share files and folders with users, groups and via links
Spaces User-independent project and team folders with multiple owners and dedicated behavior
Deleted Files / Trash bin Ability for users to restore deleted files
File Versioning Ability for users to automatically create versions upon file changes and to restore them
Media Viewer (Preview) Ability for users to preview images, videos and music files in the browser
File Locking Ability for users to lock files to prevent concurrent edits
Archive download for multiple files and folders Ability for users to download multiple files and folders as archives
User settings Framework for users to define their settings like web UI language
Notifications Framework to inform users about events in the platform; Mail notification for the event “Share received”
File Search Global search by file name, filter current folder by file name
File metadata management framework Store and retrieve arbitrary metadata related to files
Event system Framework to enable cross-service communication based on events
Web branding (runtime branding based on config values) Customize the ownCloud Web frontend according to your corporate identity
API & Integration
WebDAV API for file operations; API endpoints known from ownCloud 10
OCS Open Collaboration Services, ownCloud-specific API endpoints known from ownCloud 10
LibreGraph Open implementation of the MS Graph API, currently used for the management of Spaces
Administration & Operations
Technical service metrics

Load, memory usage, etc. per ownCloud Infinite Scale service

Logging Technical log for operations and debugging
Auditing Ability to log all operations conducted by users for compliance and traceability
Single binary The most simple way to deploy Infinite Scale for testing purposes
Systemd Deploy Infinite Scale as a Systemd service
Docker Deploy Infinite Scale using Docker and Docker-Compose
Helm / Kubernetes Deploy Infinite Scale in Kubernetes
Web Office: Collabora Online Collabora Online can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available
Web Office: ONLYOFFICE ONLYOFFICE can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available
Web Office: Microsoft Office Online Microsoft Office Online can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available


Feedback, bug reports or kudos

To round-off the last corners and make Infinite Scale ready for production use cases, feedback and mutual information exchange naturally are at the heart of the beta phase. Therefore we provide a couple of communication channels for different purposes. These are summarized on the Infinite Scale beta page. If you miss a certain feature, have found some nasty bugs or are wondering about a specific behavior, please file a report on GitHub owncloud/ocis following our guidelines or join our Infinite Scale Chat via

Useful resources

Patrick Maier

About the Author

Patrick Maier is Senior Product Manager at ownCloud and has been overseeing the development of Infinite Scale since the idea was first conceived.

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Patrick Maier

May 10, 2022

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