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Infinite Scale: When will the stable version be released?

Klaas Freitag, CTO, ownCloud, discusses the release of ownCloud Infinite Scale stable version for general availability.
owncloud infinite scale

ownCloud Infinite Scale is in the beta phase currently, as you probably know. The current beta is Beta 5. It has already come a long way and received a lot of bugfixes and improvements and is worth a try for all open source enthusiasts and Gophers (smile)

Of course, we’re getting a lot of questions on when we will finally release a so called “General-Availability Release”, which can be considered the first “finished” release, be ready for production use and be supported by the ownCloud company.

Well, how can we tell a defined date for that? That is hard, because we are convinced that the most important criteria for releasing the GA is the quality of the new system for the features that were defined to be included in the first GA release. That means nothing different than the amount of bugs that are known, the stability, the performance and the deployment methods.

Not all aspects have the same weight obviously, but the general direction is important. The first version of Infinite Scale might not yet be running at the optimal performance maybe, but with stability for example, we will be strict.

Ok, but how do we measure the quality? For that, we use Githubs issue trackers as usual. Not all issues reported there are considered a release stopper. We have set up a team of people from different departments of ownCloud who decide together on the severity of the bugs, and if these issues are blocking the release or not.

The release blocking issues are tracked in public, using the Github milestones. To list the current known issues in the Infinite Scale backend, use this link:
and, for example for the web client, this link can be used:

Basically, this means, as soon as these lists are down to zero bugs, we are ready to release the GA. All ownClouders are working hard to make that happen as soon as possible.

Everybody is welcome to help that process by testing ownCloud Infinite Scale, reporting new bugs or verifying existing ones, or discussing solutions. This would be a great help on our countdown to this important release.

owncloud infinite scale

owncloud infinite scale

Klaas Freitag

About the Author

Klaas Freitag is since the beginning an essential actor in the ownCloud community. In the role of the CTO Klaas influences the development of ownClouds products and pushes the development of Infinite Scale.

Klaas Freitag elsewhere:

Klaas Freitag

July 29, 2022

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