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Integrate Microsoft Teams with ownCloud for secure Teamwork

Leverage Microsoft Teams advantages without exposing sensitive data and risking compliance.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Workstream collaboration is a very popular way for staff to work together in a workspace. Combining video conferencing, chat and real-time content collaboration, gives employees a sense of belonging while working remotely – a sense of space a bit like an office used to provide. The ubiquity of workstream collaboration, primarily Microsoft Teams, also presents IT managers with a few challenges: How to keep data safe, out of public clouds and follow strict rules on data processing like GDPR, while giving users the productivity tools they need and crave? We have an answer: Integrate the safe storage and sharing in ownCloud Enterprise with comfortable public cloud collaboration in Microsoft Teams by integrating them. MS Teams Reduce friction and enable seamless but secure workstream collaboration With the new ownCloud integration for Microsoft Teams, companies can give Teams users convenient access to any file and folder they are entitled to in a dedicated Teams tab. It means users can collaborate efficiently within Microsoft Teams without compromising the security of sensitive files. Instead of sharing files directly in Teams, thereby necessarily creating a copy in a public cloud, users share secure ownCloud links to files that stay where they are.

Access to the linked files and folders in ownCloud is of course securely authenticated and logged. It can be restricted by expiration dates and can be revoked anytime. This way, files and folders stay in control and in compliance with access control policies, auditing obligations and privacy regulations. Our integration is one of the very few ways to access on-premises storage from within Microsoft Teams. It also supports files and folders stored in on-premises Windows Network Drives that are mounted in ownCloud.
Of course, the new ownCloud integration for Microsoft Teams reflects and respects the ownCloud Enterprise branding settings. With ownCloud, every interface is brandable – the iOS and Android Apps, the Desktop Clients on any platform and or course the Web interface. The Teams integration makes a company’s Microsoft Teams instance another brandable asset.

Admins: The Integration builder is now openly available!
For maximum security, the ownCloud Integration Generator for Microsoft Teams prepares a Customized Integration App that admins can then upload into their teams’ instances. The Customized Integration App only works for that specific setup. This extra step is needed to ensure the highest security standards are met, facilitating compliance with even the most demanding corporate policies.
You can find the Integration App here:


December 1, 2021

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