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The new ownCloud Metrics App 1.0 makes accurate reporting straightforward

People love statistics, especially in IT. To help you get key metrics about your ownCloud quickly and in a structured way, we have created the Metrics App.
ownCloud Metrics App illustration

The ownCloud Enterprise Metrics App helps to develop an understanding of the general usage of your ownCloud instance over time and which aspects are used most heavily. It also makes alignment with stakeholders much easier and faster!

The Metrics App provides key indicators on ownCloud Enterprise

The App provides an API for reporting snapshots of quantitative data about users, shares and quota usage in the JSON format. It also provides a dashboard for reviewing real-time data and the option to download real-time data in the CSV format.

It is important to point out that the Metrics App does not collect any historical or behavioral data. Rather, real-time data is requested through the secure API. This can be done either manually, or automatically in regular intervals to accomodate tools like Splunk, the ELK stack and Prometheus/Grafana that can then aggregate the data over time and make it useful for various statistical analyses and visualization. This way, no third party is involved in analyzing your data, which can be done completely on-premises.

The Data

The App provides two kinds of data: System data and per-user data.

The dashboard display of storage metrics

System data includes information about the storage available, used and free, and the number of files. It lists the number of users registered, active and logged in. It also includes the number of user shares, group shares, guest shares, link shares and federated shares.

The dashboard display of per-use storage metrics

Per-user data lists the last login, the number of active sessions, the quota limit and usage, the number of files and the number of shares the user has created, itemized into user shares, group shares, guest shares, link shares and federated shares.

The report in JSON format can be filtered down to only include data that is needed. For details see our documentation.

To start using real-time data you can count on, get the Metrics App from the ownCloud Marketplace!

Patrick Maier

About the Author

Patrick Maier is Senior Product Manager at ownCloud and has been overseeing the development of Infinite Scale since the idea was first conceived.

Patrick Maier elsewhere:

Patrick Maier

March 3, 2021

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