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Help us find flaws fast: Learn which testing options we provide and join the ownCloud beta and testing program!
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The ownCloud beta and testing program has gotten a makeover as part of the recent launch of the new ownCloud website. You now find all there is to test for the Desktop App, the Android App and the iOS App, like TestFlights, tech previews and release candidates, in one place on the dedicated Beta & testing page. And if you join our beta program, you’ll get notified when new versions are available for testing.

The daily build process

There are daily builds for the Desktop App, each for Windows, macOS and a number of Linux distros. Daily builds (actually nightly builds at ownCloud) are a way of automatically creating a new version containing all code newly introduced during a given day that can then be tested. If something goes awry, developers have a good idea when the error has been introduced.

Release candidates

Before major releases, we occasionally provide a beta for our desktop and mobile clients or the server. Here we are especially happy about your feedback and test experiences. These help us to make the release even more stable and to find every possible remaining flaw.

All releases go through several stages as release candidates. Our quality assurance department is especially at work here to check all contingencies. These releases are usually marked with a (RC).

Beta safe than sorry with the TestPilot flavour

We provide TestPilot packages of all relevant builds to make sure you can comfortably test without interfering with your production ownCloud client. We want you to test, but we never want you to lose any data or settings because of it. There are TestPilot packages for the current stable Desktop App version, for our Desktop App beta and even for the Daily builds.

Testing the Mobile Apps

To get started testing the Android beta, just open the Play Store page for the ownCloud app with your Android device. Then scroll down towards the end of the page until you reach a box that says “Become a beta tester”. There, press the “I’M IN” to join. Your app will be replaced with the beta accordingly.

On iOS, you first need to install the TestFlight App. Then, click this invitation link on your device.

How to provide feedback

You can provide feedback by either opening a thread on our community forum Central or by opening a GitHub issue. Please include a screenshot or screen video of your finding and if possible some log files. The more detailed the description, the better we can respond to your feedback – you get the gist.

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August 20, 2020

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