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Join the ownCloud Meetup in Thessaloniki!

Meet fellow ownClouders at the ownCloud meetup in Thessaloniki. Learn best practices, have a chat and checkout what is going on at the Thessaloniki meetup.

By ownCloud

Meet Clean Code & DevOps Practitioner Patrick Jahns and Desktop Lead Michael Stingl at the ownCloud Thessaloniki Meetup.


We are happy to announce our first event of the season after ownCloud conference 2017.


Konstanze Niedung, Michael Stingl and Patrick Jahns from ownCloud community (and the company) will travel to Thessaloniki and will show us how to build an app very easy and to publish it to the ownCloud marketplace.

Konstanze 400x400

Konstanze Niedung

MichaelStingl 400x400

Michael Stingl

IMG 9590 Copy

Patrick Jahns









The workshop is hands on, so don’t forget to bring your laptop with you.

Screen Shot

While the main focus is on the workshop, don’t hesitate to come around and meet up with your fellow ownClouders and ask any questions you might have.


The meetup will take place at Lambda Space (, we thank them very much.

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We’ll start at 19.00 until 21.00.



We can continue our meeting drinking beer or your preferred beverage at a place near the Lambda Space. We  especially thank for making this happen!


Don’t hesitate and rsvp now!



October 2, 2017

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