Latest ownCloud Desktop Client Available

Today we launched our latest desktop client, the fastest, most flexible client yet.

By ownCloud GmbH

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On the heels of the community’s recent launch of ownCloud 6 Community Edition, today we launched our latest desktop client, the fastest, most flexible client yet.

Some real good detail is available here, but let’s just say that most of what we did in 1.5 has led to significant performance gains. For instance, if syncing is interrupted, it picks up where it left off instead of starting from the beginning. For simple data syncs, the new client needs only one trip to the server instead of three.
And file delete now works in a completely different way, again vastly speeding performance.

Other improvements, like handling error conditions (the new client smartly recognizes, for instance, “read only” and will not repeatedly try to sync there) have a side benefit of – you guessed it – speeding performance.

But 1.5 is not ALL about the Fast and the Furious, the new client allows you to sign out, taking your password off the remote device. In total there are more than 50 new features or fixes in 1.5.

Download it here and try it for yourself!

And, as always, we are here if you have comments or questions.

ownCloud GmbH

December 13, 2013

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