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It's that time again - ownCloud will be hosting our 5th developer meeting, again in Berlin.

By ownCloud GmbH


It’s that time again — ownCloud will be hosting our 5th developer meeting — again in Berlin. At the last meeting in Berlin, more than 45 community members from across the globe gathered to pull the code apart, put it back together then drink beer and eat pizza. But more than that we sketched out the direction of the project from technical, strategic and philosophic viewpoints.

So not only did we roll up our sleeves and have a good old fashioned hackathon, we were able to step back and talk about what we wanted ownCloud to be. There is something special getting a group of such smart, committed and fun people together for intensive work — and beer. I can imagine, in light of some of the government spying news we’ve been hearing, the debate this time around will be a lot of fun.

This year, hosted by the TU Berlin, people will be arriving on Friday 16 August, the most intense hacking and discussion on Saturday, Sunday to step back and see what we wrought and everyone leaves Monday. We’ll have some special guests from the .com side of ownCloud as well — and pizza and beer of course.

So if you are interested in participating, drop me a line and we’ll see you in Berlin!

ownCloud GmbH

August 8, 2013

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