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Enterprise File Sync and Share Easier Than Ever

More Features, Greater Usability for Latest ownCloud Apps, Make Secure, Enterprise File Sync and Share Easier Than Ever
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Latest Android and iOS apps offer fast, easy access to ownCloud’s secure enterprise file sync and share server

Lexington, MA – June 11, 2013ownCloud, Inc., the company behind the world’s most popular open source secure file sync and share software, announced today the release of its latest mobile apps for Android and iOS – bringing consumer-grade ease-of-use to secure enterprise file sync and share.

ownCloud server software is deployed fully on-premise – in a private cloud or on a server in the data center, integrating into existing user directories, governance processes, security, monitoring, storage and back-up tools — becoming part of the existing infrastructure.

Access to ownCloud content is provided via a web browser, desktop syncing apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. ownCloud even supports WebDAV access for other standards-based tools. With more than 850,000 users worldwide, ownCloud offers the ease-of-use, flexibility, sophistication and security not available from basic consumer-grade syncing apps and third-party storage.

The new apps for Android and iOS provide faster, easier and more intuitive access to their documents, photos and videos, as well as more granular management of their ownCloud accounts.

“The enterprise file sync and share market is red hot, but enterprise employees will only use something that offers the experience they have come to expect from consumer-grade services,” said Matt Richards, vice president, products, ownCloud, Inc. “Only ownCloud combines fully on-premises file sync and share software that easily integrates into the existing infrastructure, is extensible to meet new requirements, and that provides mobile apps and desktop clients that employees will use.”

Major enhancements for both clients: user experience and feature richness

  • Embedded Image Gallery preview: Users can now swipe to cycle through photos stored in the same directory using the embedded photo gallery instead of just seeing one file.
  • Offline Access: Users can now access downloaded files when not connected to a network, providing truly anytime, anywhere access from mobile devices.
  • Embedded Audio and Video players: Users can now view videos and listen to music from the ownCloud app, instead of opening a separate video or music player. Users can also play, pause and seek video and audio files on the device, and tap on videos to view.
  • Embedded file previews: Users can now preview PDF and Office documents, as well as most image file formats natively in the ownCloud app, rather than in an external document viewer.
  • File editing: Users can now download files, send them to an external application on the device, open with, and then send the files back to ownCloud to upload to the server on their phones and tablets. Users can also create new files on the device and send them to ownCloud for upload.
  • Multi-account management: Users can now manage and access multiple ownCloud accounts on different servers, providing access to personal, business and other files, all through one application.
  • File upload management: Users can now access and cancel file uploads, providing more control over which files are uploaded where, on which accounts.
  • White-labeling improvements: IT can now provide a white labeled mobile experience via our new, faster and easier to use branding processes.

Latest ownCloud iOS App Feature

  • Improvements in synchronization of files: Accounts now sync faster, can be opened in external apps, edited, with changes sent back to ownCloud for upload to the server.
  • Improvements on file operations: Users can now rename, delete and overwrite files via a new, more intuitive interface.

Latest ownCloud Android App Feature

  • Helper app: Users on Android Jelly Bean can now download a second helper application to enable the system to remember account names and passwords, working around the known Android bug.
  • Synchronization: Users can now keep files on the device automatically up-to-date with the click of a button, syncing when a new file is updated on the server.

Pricing and Availability
Both apps are available today in their respective app stores for $.99

About ownCloud Inc.
Based on the popular ownCloud open source file sync and share community project, ownCloud Inc. was founded in 2011 to give corporate IT greater control of their data — combining greater flexibility, openness and extensibility with on premise servers and storage. Company headquarters are in Boston, with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit:

ownCloud GmbH

June 11, 2013

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