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ownCloud for iOS 11.4 significantly upgrades your sovereign mobile workspace

At ownCloud, we strive to give you a straightforward, secure and efficient work experience. With the new version 11.4 of the ownCloud iOS app, we bring a host of improvements and new tricks for more efficiency and ease-of-use. And a long awaited upgrade for our branding customers.

More control

New settings give users more choice and control over their data usage in the ownCloud iOS app 11.4, including which feature can use cellular data and the option to fully disable cellular data usage. When the automatic media upload is enabled, users can choose between different file name formats. The app now streams media files by default instead of downloading them first. You can revert to downloading them first in the settings. The total number of items in a given folder is shown in the footer while the number of selected items is shown on the top. By special request of some windows users, you can now keep folders on top.

See what's new in ownCloud iOS app 11.4

See what’s new in ownCloud for iOS 11.4

More options

Our new share sheet imports nearly everything from nearly everywhere. Just tap on the share button and select the ownCloud app to save multiple files, photos, selected text, downloads and so much more. When manually uploading photos, the photo picker can now select items from shared albums. You can now specify different upload folders for the auto upload of photos and videos. To improve accessibility, you can now switch off gestures for dragging and dropping. You can now multi-select items by swiping if using iOS 13. In the, the action “Get File Info” has two new output parameters, “File ID” and “Local File ID”.

Choose for what purposes the ownCloud can transfer data using your cellular connection

Choose for what purposes the ownCloud can transfer data using your cellular connection

More efficiency

There are a number of improvements to help you get things done faster. For instance, you can now take a photo or video right from the ownCloud App and upload it to your ownCloud. When opening a file for markup, the app immediately switches to edit mode instead of showing the file view first. You can now send deep links to files or folders that automatically open in the ownCloud app.

Specify different upload folders for auto-uploading photos and videos

Specify different upload folders for auto-uploading photos and videos

A big leap forward for users of branded apps

11.4 is the first brandable version of the ownCloud iOS app since February 2019. This means that users in organizations that deploy branded ownCloud apps get even more new features and improvements. The new app architecture is much more stable and robust than the legacy app. It supports state-of-the-art mobile device management and provides key functionality in-app, such as document scanning an editing, integrates nicely with the iOS Files app and has comprehensive offline functionalities. For added security, there is support for biometric locking, a new certificate trust model and support for password managers, among other things. For now, self-service branding is not available yet. The branded 11.4 app installs as an upgrade to the 3.8.1 app, guiding users through the migration of their accounts and settings. Please contact us if you’d like to upgrade to a branded 11.4 ownCloud iOS app.

Less bother

We squashed some bugs and improved on a number of pain points. For instance, when a re-authentication is needed the app lets you log in right in your current context, so neither the app nor you lose focus. When instant upload is active, photos are no longer being re-uploaded upon each modification. There is no more simultaneous playback of multiple media files when the current media file loses focus. Files made available offline no longer show up twice in the quick access section.

Download the app and maybe check out the full release notes.


August 24, 2020

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