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Welcome again to our new Community Manager!
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

With the addition this month of a community manager, we’ve been better able to track and report the doings in the community. Although I know this is the corporate blog, I thought many of you would like to see the innovative work being done in the community, because some of this work impacts ownCloud Enterprise. In fact, we will try to make this a monthly blog.

I’ll start with April:

ownCloud 7 public API work in progress
There was significant progress on the tool to convert data between database types so users can migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL etc., sorting by clicking on headers in files app, including a nicer layout in the pictures app and infinite scrolling in both.

Playlist functionality and more in music app
Instant upload available now for video’s on Android Beta’s and RC’s of ownCloud desktop syncing app 1.6, promising faster syncing. Python client library third-party application developers made available, debate over doing a javascript library. If there is interest, we can do it.

Work on Sharing Overview, a single page showing all files you are sharing with others Work on creating a brand new sidebar for the Files app

ownCloud release plan
Feature to control sharing per user, including disabling and setting default expiration date.

Last week of May:
New feature includes the ability to update apps shipped with ownCloud individually. Also, previews of ownCloud links look better on Facebook.

Lastly, we’re starting to organize some meetups, see

If you’re interested, contact the ownCloud community manager.

ownCloud GmbH

June 2, 2014

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ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0 is released!

ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0 is released!

ownCloud has launched Infinite Scale 4.0, the latest significant update to its secure content collaboration platform. This release introduces a range of new features and functionalities, including enhanced capabilities for importing data from third-party clouds, simplifying data upload, refining search functions with the use of tags and filters, and further enhancing user-friendly linking and navigation.

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