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Now available: ownCloud 10.6 as Appliance

Improvements for ownCloud Server now also available for Appliance deployments.
ownCloud Virtual Machine Appliance

Using a Virtual Machine Appliance is one of the fastest and swiftest ways to get ownCloud up and running. It’s an oven-ready operating system that contains all software and settings you’ll need to run a complex software setup. With ownCloud 10.6 now available as an Univention App, Appliance users now benefit from the new ownCloud Web frontend, key federation improvements and the possibility of setting up a bridge mode with ownCloud Infinite Scale.

ownCloud Appliance in the Univention App catalogue

ownCloud Appliance in the Univention App catalogue

ownCloud Server 10.6 supports the all-new ownCloud Web frontend built with Vue.js. It is way faster than the legacy frontend. Being based on a modern framework, ownCloud Web does a lot of things in a blip without having to reload. It also greatly improves accessibility. It is available as a Marketplace App.

New ownCloud interface: ownCloud Web

New ownCloud interface: ownCloud Web

The 10.6 Univention App also brings a new way to start a trial of the ownCloud Enterprise Edition. Users can now register to receive a demo key that allows for 30 days of risk-free evaluation simply by trying to activate any Enterprise App.

The new release enhances federation sharing, too. Federated shares can now have an expiry date. Admins can define a default for this and enforce it. The file name character limit for federation setups is now 255, from 64. The availability of manual file locking can now be switched on and off in the admin settings. For the full list of changes and bug fixes, please refer to the Release Notes and the changelog.


January 21, 2021

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