Now THAT’S a community!

ownCloud Project Leader Frank Karlitschek "Now THAT’S a community!" – Report on our community progress.
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I’ve finally taken my second breath since the launch last month of the 3rd version of ownCloud community edition and – prodded by a colleague – I took a look at how we accomplished what we did. In a word, “community”.

Let me brag a little bit. ownCloud has been translated in 42 languages – FORTY TWO. Anything from Italian to Hebrew to Turkish to German – even Magyar (as my colleague says is “Hungarian”).

And that’s not all. The community is solely responsible for a huge part of the new features of the last release like the complete calendar and address book functionality and is already working on sharing calendars in version 4. The community also built the streaming music capability, a huge feature for consumers (and me I must say). They also made possible the photo-sharing feature we just released as well.

And it’s not just the product. The community built the new owncloud.org, the content and the code. They added the new community forum, which has exploded with posts over just the past 2 weeks. The mailing list activity has increased 6x year over year – up 15% since version 2 alone. They created and monitor a new bug tracker as well.

How can a community do so much? Well, we are growing – 6x year over year growth and as you can see from above, we are not just growing, but the members are also very active and very helpful.

Now THAT’S a community!

ownCloud GmbH

February 16, 2012

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