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ownCloud 6 Community Edition Release, What it Means to Enterprise Customers

What a great job by the amazing ownCloud community – not to mention the project creator and our CTO Frank Karlitschek!
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

I hope everyone saw the announcement today about the release of ownCloud 6 Community Edition. What a great job by the amazing ownCloud community – not to mention the project creator and our CTO Frank Karlitschek.

Now that the community edition is here, what happens next? We do quite a few things here at ownCloud, Inc. First, we jump on the ownCloud Enterprise Edition certification testing to ensure the product we stand behind and support meets the quality standards of any enterprise software you run in your data center. That brings our enterprise apps up to speed, as well as the integrated desktop, mobile and web interface experience. We also ensure that these standards are met in our Enterprise Edition-only features which will include file firewall (giving you security and management at the file level), SAML authentication and Jive integration. We then bring our documentation up to speed on the Enterprise Edition, package the products and test, prepare our support staff, train our consultants, and ready ourselves to support our customer in successfully transitioning to ownCloud Enterprise Edition 6.

All that said, ownCloud 6 Community Edition is ready now and is recommended for experienced ownCloud Community Edition users. ownCloud Community Edition gives open source enthusiasts and technical users a free, secure and innovative way to sync and share data. If you are currently an ownCloud Enterprise Edition customer we recommend you wait for Enterprise Edition 6.0. We will launch the commercially-supported Enterprise Edition of ownCloud 6 in the first quarter 2014, for enterprise IT departments that require on-premises file sync and share of sensitive corporate data.

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December 11, 2013

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