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ownCloud Android app 2.19 improves storage security and log analysis

The newest version of ownCloud's Android app provides better control for storage, more options with camera uploads, and adds clarity and usability improvements to the logs.
ownCloud Android App 2.19 Released!

The current release 2.19 fundamentally changes the way files are stored on a device. A migration wizard now helps users during migration to Scoped Storage. Until now, files were stored in a shared storage, which meant they couldn’t be as secure and private as desired. Other apps could access the ownCloud files or had read and write permissions. In addition, files remained on the device, even after users had uninstalled the app. With Scoped Storage, ownCloud now closes these security gaps and restricts access of other apps to those that use the Documents Provider. Furthermore, ownCloud will now remove all data when an account is closed or when users uninstall the app.

Redesigned logs view

On top of that, ownCloud App 2.19 for Android provides much better clarity for log analysis. The previous embedded viewer has been replaced by a much more comfortable list of logs sorted by date – which makes it possible to view the log files in any other log viewer, share them with other apps and even delete individual entries. In addition, a collector now takes over the deletion of old logs in order to limit storage space consumption.

Furthermore, the new app version contains more options for camera uploads regarding specifications when an upload will be triggered. Per default, automatic uploads only run when two conditions are met: The device is connected to a WiFi and connected to the power supply.

Additional improvements in Version 2.19 include fixes for user-reported bugs and requests: For example, the problem of logs not stopping even though they are tagged as disabled, has been solved. The full changelog for ownCloud App 2.19 for Android can be found on ownCloud docs.


November 18, 2021

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