ownCloud Community Edition Launch: What it means to businesses

Great opportunity for your business to test drive the latest ownCloud before we launch our hardened and enhanced ownCloud Enterprise Edition.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

By now I’m sure most of you have seen the terrific launch of the latest ownCloud Community Edition. ownCloud has the greatest community in the world and the Community Edition holds within it some really fun community features – like the upgraded photo gallery, and improved contacts and calendars. And there are improvements – like the improved file cache and syncing, undelete files, and enhanced storage mounting – that will benefit both the community and businesses. And then there too are the terrific enterprise-focused features, like improved LDAP and new REST API.

The ownCloud community carried ownCloud forward in usability, performance and integration.

Now, the ownCloud team gets to work preparing for the upcoming Enterprise Edition release. We start with our certification tests of the Community Edition, desktop clients and mobile apps. We then enhance our enterprise software, upgrading it to take advantage of the new ownCloud features, and making it all function properly together as an integrated unit. Finally, we work on packaging and testing the ownCloud installation and upgrade process, so that by the time we release the latest ownCloud Enterprise Edition, it is certified and ready for production environments.

This is a great opportunity for your business to test drive the latest ownCloud – look under the covers, kick the tires, maybe even take it off road – before we launch our hardened and enhanced (with additional enterprise features) ownCloud Enterprise Edition next month. The ownCloud Enterprise Edition combines the openness, flexibility and innovation of the Community Edition with Enterprise-ready tools, hardening, and subscriptions to ensure your company’s success using ownCloud’s Secure file sync and share – deployed on-premise and integrated with existing security, storage, monitoring and reporting tools.

So take a test drive, tell us what you think, tell us what you want, maybe hug an ownCloud community developer.

ownCloud GmbH

March 25, 2013

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