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ownCloud Delivers Easy-to-Use Collaboration Solution Through Partnership with ONLYOFFICE

ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE announce a future close partnership to provide their users with the easiest combination of file sharing and document collaboration.

ownCloud, the world’s leading Open Source Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) software, and ONLYOFFICE announce a future close partnership to provide their users with the easiest combination of file sharing and document collaboration.

The ONLYOFFICE integration enables access and collaborative editing of Microsoft Office file formats from the ownCloud frontend in real time. ONLYOFFICE gives ownCloud users another reliable and user-friendly way to collaboratively edit documents. ONLYOFFICE is a powerful online editor for text documents, spreadsheets or presentations and is compatible with all MS Office files.

Through technical cooperation, ownCloud users will be able to install the ONLYOFFICE Integration App with just a few clicks and add it as an ownCloud app via the ownCloud Marketplace.


To start using ONLYOFFICE editors with ownCloud, users should have Document Server version 3.0 or higher installed. It does not matter whether the free community version or the integration edition is used. They even include integrated appliances which are ready-to-use.

Users only need to download the Integration App, which acts as a bridge between ONLYOFFICE Document Server and ownCloud.

In ownCloud, the app then only needs to be activated under the “Not activated apps” tab.

In the ownCloud Admin Panel, “ONLYOFFICE” can then be assigned the address of the document server and put into operation.

“Our partnership with ownCloud will enable corporate users to have access to a real-time document collaboration within a modern File Sync & Share platform that includes all the necessary services and support, as well as a better team workflow and seamless collaboration with complex formatting and objects within ownCloud,” comments Galina Goduhina, commercial director of ONLYOFFICE, of the collaboration.

Find here the full interview from the ownCloud Conference

“With the integration of ONLYOFFICE within ownCloud, our users have another attractive opportunity to edit all common MS Office file formats simultaneously and significantly increase their productivity in file sharing. Problems with versioning, conflict files and long approval cycles are now a thing of the past,” emphasizes Jörg Eberwein, Head Partner & Alliances at ownCloud.

The partnership includes three main components:

  1. Support Alignment

ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud teams work together in providing the best collaboration solution for their customers. When a customer has booked a support package, they can submit a central request, which is then automatically forwarded to the party that can resolve the problem most quickly and efficiently.

  1. Technical Cooperation

ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE will work closely together at the technical level to achieve a deeper and smoother integration of ONLYOFFICE into ownCloud. In this way, high-end collaboration applications that are created are available to all ownCloud users. The ultimate goal is to achieve optimal user integration.

  1. Reselling Agreement

In the ownCloud ecosystem, corporate file sharing forms the basis for a stack of many individual applications from which users can create their own personal productivity environment. As of today, customers are able to purchase ONLYOFFICE licenses from ownCloud in addition to an ownCloud subscription.


Through the partnership between ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE, ownCloud users benefit from the following core functions:

  • By supporting all current MS Office formats, following file types can be collaboratively processed in ownCloud: docx, xlsx, pptx, txt files.
  • Files can be saved in multiple formats: docx, odt, rtf, txt, pdf, html, pptx, odp, xlsx, csv, ods
  • Users can add links, tables and graphics, insert diagrams, AutoShapes, mathematical formulas, font decoration, edit headers and footers, create style sheets, change the design of the whole document with two mouse clicks and much more.
  • Users can switch into “Semi-Formal” mode to instantly see their co-author’s changes or go to “Formal” mode to work on the document without being distracted by others.
  • There are several communication features to further improve productivity: review, comment and live chat. Users can let their teammates review the document to correct misprints and suggest ideas without changing the text itself. Use the “Comment” option to leave funny text comments or discuss them using a built-in live chat.

ONLYOFFICE ownCloud is available in the Marketplace. Further information can be found at this page.

About ownCloud

ownCloud is the largest Open Source Filesharing solution in the world with 200.000 installations and more than 25 million users. ownCloud combines consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade security (GDPR compliant). It enables users to access data no matter where it is stored or which device is used. By giving organizations the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data while offering users the modern collaboration experience they demand, productivity and security are increased at the same time. For more information, visit:

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ONLYOFFICE by Ascensio System SIA incorporates online document editors that are as powerful and comprehensive as desktop ones, and at the same time provide users with all the advantages of working online: access from anywhere and from any device, quick file sharing, and real-time collaboration.

ONLYOFFICE allows working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations of all popular formats, giving high compatibility with OOXML and ODF files. With ONLYOFFICE, users get a vast range of collaborative features to edit docs with team members in real time: two co-editing modes, commenting, built-in chat, the Track Changes mode, including Preview in Review feature to know what a doc would look like with all changes accepted or rejected, version and revision control, and more. The ONLYOFFICE suite allows integrating online editors with any cloud storage service, as well as extending functionality of the web solution users are building on their own.

For more information, visit:


ownCloud GmbH

October 8, 2018

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