ownCloud Desktop Client 2.2.0 Available

Today the desktop team has made available version 2.2.0 which will notify you of server events and sync issues, while also introducing many performance and reliability improvements. Read on to learn what is new!


The most notable improvement in this release is support for server notifications on the client. E.g. when the user can accept a new share or when the system administrator wants all users to know about a scheduled maintenance window, the client will show a desktop notification.

Another addition to the notifications is a warning of a detected file conflict or sync problem. This enables the user to take direct action when files were not synced as expected.

Other UI improvements include showing avatars and an activity spinner in the sharing UI in file managers and a simplified sync folder creation dialog.

flexible client usage

You can view all your accounts and folders in the settings window.

Faster and more reliable

A recent new feature on the server and client was the introduction of checksums. This will allow the client to verify whether files were correctly up- and downloaded. This client release will check if the server correctly supports this feature and, if so, use it.

Other changes make syncing more reliable in specific situations. The client will now sync immediately after a lock was released on Windows and deal better with locking in Windows and on networks in general.

Handling errors with storage located on USB devices was improved and the Ubuntu 16.04 icon tray now works. The new client also warns for older server versions it can’t work with. Many more smaller fixes were implemented and in security-related features, the client now supports the Windows credential store.

A number of performance improvements were implemented like speeding up handling of file overlay icons, faster uploading of small files as well as very large ones.

Find a more complete overview of changes in the desktop client changelog and grab the 2.2.0 version for your operating system from our installation page!


May 13, 2016

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