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ownCloud inside Stackato – a private PaaS

Matt is welcoming ownCloud as stackato app.

By ownCloud GmbH


We are happy to announce that our friends at Active State have added
ownCloud to their app store. Now you can easily deploy the complete
ownCloud app right into the private cloud of your choice using Stackato. We
are not only pleased that ownCloud can be deployed with a click of a button,
but also that Stackato clearly understands what we are trying to achieve
with ownCloud, and that it aligns so well with the private data capabilities
of Stackato.
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ownCloud GmbH

May 18, 2012

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New shiny things from all throughout this summer

New shiny things from all throughout this summer

In August, we had a lot of cool new things to present at ownCloud: Our partnership with NAS industry leader QNAP, our all-new website, a new major server release and a new iOS App release full of new functionality. And the Privacy Shield ruling from mid-July still reverberates across boardrooms and newsrooms.

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