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ownCloud Server 10.0.4 beta1 and ownCloud client 2.4.0 alpha released. Please help testing!

Please help testing the ownCloud Core beta 10.0.4 beta1 and the ownCloud Client alpha 2.4.0. Tons of new features, Enhanced Security and new Sharing options. Please help testing!


If you are upgrading manually, please make sure to properly remove the old source code as mentioned in the update instructions.

Known issues

In this beta release, there is a known issue related to the integrity check. Please ignore the warning for now if related to the mimetypelist.js file, see



  • Added support for eml mimetype – #29204
  • Added “occ dav:cleanup-chunks” command to clean up expired uploads – #291801
  • Added “occ files:scan” repair mode to repair mismatch filecache paths – #290741 #292321
  • Detailed mode for “occ security:routes” – #29095
  • Webdav property to retrieve a private link to files or folders – #29041
  • CORS support for public API routes – #288521
  • More “files_sharing” capabilities entries – #29040
  • Display server name in admin page, don’t show in status.php – #28938
  • Validate public link mail on the client side – #29042
  • Expose XHR response in share dialog autocomplete callback for extensions – #29231


  • Exclude mimetypelist.js from integrity check – #29048
  • Refactor set and reset of capabilities – #29200
  • All amazon locations support v4 now – v3 deprecated – #29153
  • Modified time value of files is now 64 bits long – #28961
  • User names must now be at least 3 characters long – #29237



  • Remove AvatarPermissions repair step – #292021
  • Remove unused FTP code – #29186
  • Remove app store related code obsoleted by market – #29249


  • Corrected namespace for OC\Memcache\ArrayCache which caused errors on some environments – #292191
  • External storage Javascript code from apps is now loaded correctly (fixes Dropbox app and others) – #29225
  • Use product name from theme – #29251
  • Make sure the external storage folder name is editable when returning from OAuth authorization – #29253
  • Fix duplicate external storage config that appear sometimes when returning from OAuth authorization – #29254
  • Log exceptions in decrypt-all command – #29248
  • SFTP key pair mode now works again – #29156
  • Use correct class namespace for ownCloud ext storage – #28935
  • Handle case of empty folder in userDeletesEverythingInFolder – #291631
  • Fix generated zip file to avoid errors with some zip tools – #291491
  • Fix position of dialog boxes – #29133
  • Move 64bit mtime migration from dav to core – #29121
  • Allow 0 byte quota to be entered on UI – #29113
  • Don’t display warning about limited commands when running maintenance:install – #28968
  • Handle no user session in isSharingDisabledForUser() – #28915
  • Fix icon format for federated cloud sharing – #28972
  • Fix for decrypting user specific keys – #29189
  • Remove alternate keys storage during user delete – #29155
  • Fix error logs due to deletion of keys – #28934
  • Fix encryption panel to properly detect current mode after upgrade to ownCloud 10 – #29049


Please help testing and report issues in the core repository for platform issues or any of the app repositories if the bug is in an app. If this version works for you, you can post a comment too :slight_smile:


P.S. :

ownCloud client 2.4.0 Alpha

We’re proud to release the first Alpha version of the 2.4.0 desktop client. Among a ton of refactorings we’ve done to stay future-proof, there are also new features like OAuth2 support, a better error view, more sharing features and better file manager integration.

We consider it quite safe to use (the auto test suites pass!) but we encourage you (as always) to have backups of your data.

We also provide a build in the ‘testpilotcloud’ theme. This is an independent themed client (using ownBrander) that you can use with a separate sync configuration.

Please see the ChangeLog and download links on

Happy testing…

Please report any issues as soon as possible to us. Ideally here in the thread or directly on GitHub.

As usual, thanks to all contributors.


PS: is needed server-side for OAuth2. Will also be in the ownCloud marketplace soon.


Happy Testing!


October 18, 2017

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