ownCloud “Packed with Features”

ownCloud is certainly packed with features, and, to us, it still feels like a developing child
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

gs1For the record, we didn’t say it, Martin Brinkman did. In his words: “The ownCloud service is one of the few technically mature services that you can start using right away.” Who are we to argue? Martin reviewed “four self-hosted Dropbox-like services businesses can use” and came away with the conclusion above. Here is more: “ownCloud is packed with features that makes it more than a capable rival of services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.” And then Martin goes into our features and ease of installation.

Now, I have to say for the record that we are not a service, we are software that anyone can use to host their own service, but we here at ownCloud appreciate the points Martin makes. And, we are excited about all the positive reviews and how-to’s being written out there. It is thrilling to work with the community and create software that not only brings much needed capabilities to end users, but also brings flexibility, reliability and peace of mind to IT administrators.

ownCloud is certainly packed with features, and, to us, it still feels like a developing child. We have come a long way in 6 months as a company, but there is still so much growing to do. Every time we add something new, like the Android Mobile App or the Desktop Sync Client, we feel like our child has taken another big step — and the feedback from our users shows that they feel the same way …

So why not test it out now?

ownCloud GmbH

July 12, 2012

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