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ownCloud extends the scope of its OpenID Connect extension

With version 2.0 of the OpenID Connect Marketplace App, ownCloud extends its authentication support to include Auto-Provisioning and Azure AD.
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Last October, we released the extension to integrate ownCloud with external Identity Providers that use OpenID Connect (OIDC), the open standard for single sign-on identity and access management. Now, we deliver a few crucial improvements that make ownCloud more widely integrable through the OIDC Marketplace App.

ownCloud OpenID Connect Marketplace App 2.0

Connect Azure AD to ownCloud using OpenID Connect

The ownCloud OpenID Connect Marketplace App 2.0 brings support for Azure AD, the built-in Identity Provider in Microsoft 365. New parameters enable to establish a Single sign-on with Azure AD. Since Microsoft Teams also uses Azure AD, this is a crucial prerequisite for integrations of ownCloud with Microsoft Teams.


Up until now, authenticating via OIDC only works for users that exist both in ownCloud Server and in the Identity Provider. That means there effectively needs to be a LDAP user directory to draw on.
The ownCloud OIDC Marketplace App 2.0 now enables ownCloud and the Identity Provider to work with users that exist locally. They can also be created on the fly in ownCloud if the Identity Provider already knows them and grants access to ownCloud. This makes authentication through OpenID Connect available for ownCloud installations that do not use LDAP, such as small home installations and Software-as-a-Service offers – thereby making them fit for eventual migration to ownCloud Infinite Scale.


February 4, 2021

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