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Try ownCloud Web 4.0 for more efficient teamwork

The modern ownCloud browser frontend now comes with ONLYOFFICE, a capable search bar and a convenient context menu. Check it out and tell us what you think!
ownCloud Web 4.0 Release

ownCloud Web is the new generation browser interface that works both with the upcoming ownCloud Infinite Scale and existing ownCloud 10 deployments. It is fast, scalable and accessible. Built using the javascript framework Vue.js, it only communicates with the ownCloud Server through APIs, making it modular and thus more secure.

With version 4.0, ownCloud Web grows more capable in a number of ways:

ONLYOFFICE now available right within ownCloud Web

Thanks to ownCloud’s long-term partnership with ONLYOFFICE, users can view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations right from within ownCloud with the the ONLYOFFICE connector. It enables multiple users to co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time. Now, with version 7.1.1 of ONLYOFFICE connector, ownCloud Server 10.8 and ownCloud Web 4.0, you can leverage the ONLYOFFICE document editors right from within the new ownCloud Web browser interface, too. This is the first third-party integration into ownCloud Web and thus an important milestone for ownCloud Web. Read more about this integration in the ONLYOFFICE blog.

"Open in ONLYOFFICE" is one of the context menu actions in ownCloud Web
Open documents in ONLYOFFICE directly from the ownCloud Web context menu.

Find stuff fast, globally or in the current folder

When used with ownCloud 10.8 deployments, ownCloud Web 4.0 provides users with a convenient search bar to both filter the current folder and search for a file or folder globally, and fast. Thanks to its auto-complete capability, the search bar itself often points to your destination quickly. When you type in a search term, the search bar drops out two rows for current folder search and global search, defaulting to current folder search. To toggle between auto-complete suggestions for the current folder and for all files and folders, just use the up and down arrow keys. To open the search results pages for the current folder or al files and folders, just click on the respective row.

Search files and folders globally or within the current parent folder.

Quickly access key capabilities with context menu and sidebar

ownCloud Web 4.0 brings a helpful context menu for files and folders that quickly provides related actions. Simply access it through the three-dots menu icon in the file list or right-click on the file or folder.

Access actions easily with a right click on the file or folder.

We have also redesigned the sidebar on the right to further improve its usability. This includes dedicated views for each section to improve focus.

Stay focused on the task you are working on. Access each section within the sidebar in a dedicated window.

In the sidebar, ownCloud Web now shows information about the highlighted file, including sharing and version details and a preview.

The sharing dialogue now auto-completes the names of share recipients.

Start typing the names of people with whom you want to share a file or folder – ownCloud auto completes their usernames.

To give users more control about their workspace, there is a new “View” switch. There, users can toggle the display of hidden files and change the number of items on a page in the file view.

Broadening the number of compatible deployments, ownCloud Web now also works for 10.8 installations that leverage OpenID Connect for authentication.

All of these improvements, combined with those in ownCloud Server 10.8, make ownCloud Web 4.0 ready to be deployed extensively. If needed, users have the option to switch back to the classic interface from any place in ownCloud Web.

Admins, provide a more efficient browser interface to your users today! If you do, we kindly ask you to fill our ownCloud Web feedback questionnaire. The results will influence the development roadmap. Thanks!


August 11, 2021

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