Peace of mind through open source

Because ownCloud is open source, users can see for themselves that it works as advertised and can be trusted.

By ownCloud GmbH

For us at ownCloud, open source is more than just the set of tools used to create a product. It is the very nature of what we do, our business model and our product. Of course, open source in and of itself keeps only a few customers and users warm at night. What they mostly care about is whether the product works as advertised and whether it can be trusted.
Your own Cloud
ownCloud was built and literally named on the premise that users, organisations and businesses should own their data, know where it is and control access to it. And there is only one way to guarantee that you own your data: If you can inspect the tools used to store and share your data.

To give you certainty
As an ownCloud user, you have complete access to all its source code. That gives you certainty and dependability. ownCloud can be run on your own servers so you don’t have to put your trust and your data into a third-party server farm. ownCloud doesn’t even require you to consolidate all your storage, because it integrates into a single point of access all your existing data warehouses like SharePoint, ftp servers, S3, Box and Google Docs. And it can, if you so choose, encrypt data stored with these third party providers. Of course, all of those integrations can be audited.

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ownCloud GmbH

June 30, 2020

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