Receive files the safe way with File Drop Folders in ownCloud

Collect bids, proposals, homework, feedback and anonymous tips, efficiently.

By ownCloud GmbH

Did you know you can let outside contacts upload files efficiently into your ownCloud? Drop Folders are public write-only folders. They have no size limits, unlike email. They are handy e.g. for bids, proposals, homework assignments, feedback and even anonymous tips. ownCloud makes sure the files are safe to store and kept secure, courtesy of its Antivirus and File Firewall features.

Screenshot of the Drop Folder creation form

You can protect the folder with a password or an expiry date or both, to restrict access to a group of people who know the password or to a certain time period. Anyone can save into the folder, but only logged-in and eligible users of your ownCloud can see what’s inside, optionally subject to rules and policies. To make use of the uploaded files in your organization and its ecosystem, the folder and the files within can then be shared with other users, Guest Users or as Public Links.

This screenshot shows the anonymous users' view upon opening the File Drop Folder

ownCloud GmbH

July 13, 2020

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