Switching To Semantic Versioning With ownCloud Server 10.1

In the future, the version numbers will say more about the upcoming improvements. What does this mean for admins?
ownCloud Semantic Versioning

Semantic Versioning (SemVer) is a very useful standard to name releases. For future releases, ownCloud will follow the principles of Semantic Versioning. The first such release will be ownCloud Server 10.1, that is due to be released soon.

This new direction will benefit admins by clearly indicating the contents and upgrade procedures of new releases via version numbers. In practice, the versioning scheme will follow the Major.Minor.Patch (or Breaking.Feature.Fix) format.

  • With a new patch version (e.g. 10.1.1) you can expect only small bug fixes and security updates. They can be quickly installed and have close to no downtime.
  • The next minor version (which could be 10.2.0) will bring new features. All apps will continue working as before. API functionality is only expanded, not reduced.
  • Only the next major version 11.0.0 will introduce big changes, maybe break APIs. Before upgrading, you should check whether all of your installed apps are already published for the major version.

App Compatibility with Semantic Versioning

We will soon release ownCloud Server 10.1. This means that some ownCloud apps might not yet be compatible with the new ownCloud Server.

For the apps to be compatible, they have to be re-released to work with ownCloud 10 after the upgrade.

The apps maintained by ownCloud will be re-released until the final ownCloud Server 10.1 release.

If you are a community app developer, please also make your app compatible with ownCloud Server 10.1, as described on Central.

For ownCloud admins it’s important to check all of your community apps before the next upgrade. If a community app is not compatible with ownCloud 10.1, it will stop working afterwards.

Stay tuned for the ownCloud Server 10.1 release. Find all other download related information here.


December 7, 2018

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