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Tech Talk: ownCloud Integration with Microsoft Teams

In this Tech Talk, Tobias Baader (Product Manager, ownCloud) walks us through the integration of Microsoft Teams for ownCloud. This integration provides a quick and simple way of collaborating on Word, Powerpoint and Excel files via Microsoft Teams, while maintaining full user control and a high level of data security.
Microsoft teams integration for ownCloud

Tune in to this Tech Talk and join Tobias Baader (Product Manager, ownCloud) as he demonstrates how to integrate ownCloud with Microsoft Teams and use ownCloud as a separate “safehouse” parallel to Microsoft OneDrive for secure collaboration in a modern workplace.

Advantages of integrating Microsoft Teams with ownCloud at a glance:

  • Setup and accessibility are quick and easy.
  • It allows documents to be shared and edited securely and conveniently.
  • It meets the highest standards of data security and compliance, which is particularly important for sensitive data.
  • Documents and folders can be shared or private, and public links can be created for them.
  • Shared files remain under full user control.
  • Access to the files is traceable and auditable.
  • It supports Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and Excel files.
  • It allows users to work in a familiar environment.

For more details about the integration, refer to this document.

Microsoft teams integration for ownCloud

Interface: Microsoft teams integration for ownCloud

Anwesha Ray

June 1, 2022

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