The Android App is HERE

Matt about the Android App and an update on iOS
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Well, ok, the source code is actually here and the installable .apk here!

We are pleased to provide the source code and .apk for the ownCloud Android App — optimized for Android devices running 2.3.6 and higher, specifically mobile phones and similar sized devices. The app allows users to manage files on the ownCloud server: browse through the files, upload and download files, videos and photos, and delete files on the server. Users may also create directories on the ownCloud server, and upload new files and photos created on the Android mobile device.

There are a few things you should know about the app before you install so we strongly advise that you read the release notes. This is a GPL licensed app with a contributor agreement, and we encourage community participation – everything from comments and bug reports, to bug fixes and new features are welcome. Active support for the Android app is provided via a subscription to ownCloud 2012 Business or Enterprise Edition. A subscription can be purchased at one of our partners or online. Free support forums for the community are available and can be found at

Where is the iOS app? We are working on enhancements to the iOS app as we speak, and plan on posting it to the AppStore in 4-6 weeks, Apple permitting. We also plan to post the Android App to Google Play in 4-6 weeks, to coincide with the next release of the Android App. See the release notes for more info on this subject.

We hope you find this version of ownCloud 2012 for Android useful, providing you with the file capabilities that you would want on your Android device.

ownCloud GmbH

April 27, 2012

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