Univention Third Party App Charts in December

ownCloud ranks first place in Univention 3rd party apps.
ownCloud Univention app charts

After the last charts for 3rd party apps in the App Center we published beginnning of October, it’s now time for a short update.

Current members of the Top Ten Third Party Apps of the Univention App Center are:

App Rank
ownCloud 1
Kopano 2
Nextcloud 3
OX App Suite 4
Let’s Encrypt 5
Bareos Backup Server 6
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 7
opsi – Client Management 9
ONLYOFFICE Document Server 10

Since the last charts there has been some movement in the Top 10. Kopano and ownCloud are still at the top running a head-to-head race with ownCloud being at the very top. In the next two places, Nextcloud passed Open-Xchange. The first four apps underline the fact that groupware and fileshare & sync continue to be the most important areas for UCS users.

Interesting are the two newcomers Let’s Encrypt and ONLYOFFICE Document Server which joined the App Center in September and made it into the Top 10. Let’s Encrypt issues free and automated certificates and allows everyone to get valid certificates for the Internet. Owning rank 5, it clearly leads the IT infrastructure solutions.

ONLYOFFICE is a web-based document, spreadsheet and presentation processing solution. An interesting article about ONLYOFFICE with details about their story, key technologies in use and benefits it offers to users can be found in the article An Introduction to ONLYOFFICE Document Editors.

Further solutions, which are most important to UCS users according to the charts belong to the areas Backup, VPN and central administration of Windows and Linux Clients.

No longer among the Top Ten are OpenProject and Collabora which have been pushed down to lower places.


December 14, 2017

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