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Matt about the Desktop Client 1.0.5 release.
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We at ownCloud are happy to release the next version of our Desktop clients,
version 1.0.5. We have been very busy with this version, and it includes
many updates from HTTP redirect support to file renaming. In addition, we
are pleased to announce the release of a major feature that has been
requested by our customers: proxy support.
You can now use ownCloud to connect to servers through a proxy server.

Thanks to feedback and requests from our service providers it is also
possible to theme the desktop clients. This white-labeling is getting more
popular with enterprises – it seems that an “ABC cloud” or “ABC drive” is a
good way to get employees excited about a transition from Dropbox or other
cloud services to ownCloud.

To further enhance our white-labeling, and to improve the integration
potential of our desktop clients, we have started to separate out ownCloud
into sync libraries that can be called from other applications. Keep your
eyes open for updates on this one, we expect it to be a big hit for our
service provider and enterprise customers.

What is next on this roadmap? A major enhancement to the sync engine to
remove the need for time synchronization between the server and a desktop,
as well as the creation of overlay status icons on the files and directories
synced by ownCloud. And there is much more to come, but for now, we welcome
the ownCloud 1.0.5 desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac.

ownCloud GmbH

August 15, 2012

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