What a Week!

We’ve hit a real nerve and organizations are taking notice!

By ownCloud GmbH


For those of you on vacation last week (or hiding from the press), ownCloud just had quite a week.

On Tuesday we launched our most ambitious product to-date. ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition not only provides finer grain control for IT, it is easier to deploy and manage than ever – including an appliance that make evaluation and Proof of Concept a snap.

And if that wasn’t enough, on Thursday we announced that we had closed on our A round funding.

And boy did people take notice:

Starting with the Wall Street Journal: “Secure storage and sharing of data have become sensitive topics since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last year leaked details of U.S. government snooping. But ownCloud Inc. co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Frank Karlitschek saw the danger before that.”

And GigaOM: “For some tech companies, Edward Snowden is good for business. Take ownCloud for instance. The company paints its service as a secure way to share documents which also lets companies use whatever repositories they like — Egnyte, Amazon, Dropbox.”

And Talkin’ Cloud, ZDnet and eWeek, among many more.

Holger and I and several others also spent the week at CeBIT in Germany talking to spillover crowds – businesses that need to get control back of their data.

We’ve hit a real nerve and organizations are taking notice!

ownCloud GmbH

March 17, 2014

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