What’s new in ownCloud Server 10.5: Even more seamless Federation

Improved scanning for updates in Federated Shares makes working across organizations more straightforward and saves time on coordination.
ownCloud server 10.5 release

The Problem: In Federation use cases, particularly popular with education organizations, users would often not see the current file size and the last version.

The Solution: A new and improved background job now detects changes across Federated Shares, even taking care of meta-data and syncing it. This greatly improves the experience for users collaborating on federated files and folders in close coordination and tight timelines. The work experience should now resemble working in a local ownCloud.

Screenshot of creating a federated share

Screenshot of creating a federated share

The Admin Angle: Please enable the new background job in the admin settings or through OCC if you use Federated Cloud Sharing. Also, there are performance tuning options available for larger installations, e.g. intervals in between scans. There are a number of changes in 10.5 to the way ownCloud scans for changes in federated shares. For the details, please see the changelog.

To benefit from the improved Federation, download ownCloud Server 10.5!


August 6, 2020

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