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Win a free T-Shirt by contributing to open source!

Win a free T-Shirt by contributing to opensource! Join Hacktoberfest, do a few pull requests an improve the software we all love!

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Join Hacktoberfest !


Check these github issues and contribute to your favourite open source project and join hacktoberfest! You’ll even win a T-Shirt when you submit 4 Pull requests.

Github is the place to hangaround, code, play and make your favourite software better.




October 5, 2017

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How to sync passwords with ownCloud and Buttercup

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Eighty Percent ownCloud

Recently the German computer magazin C’t posted an article about file sync solutions (“Unter eigener Regie”, C’t 23, 2018) with native sync clients. The article was pretty positive about the FOSS solution of… Nextcloud! I was wondering why they had not choosen ownCloud’s client as my feeling is that ownCloud is way more busy and […]

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