Yet another ownCloud milestone

100,000 mobile apps – iOS and Android – sold in just the first 14 months!
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

100,000 mobile apps – iOS and Android – sold in just the first 14 months (since August 1, 2012).

Think about what that means. When we sell ownCloud Enterprise Edition, we include the mobile apps, so this 100k does not include these customers. We offer free desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac. The Android app is also available as source code, so 100k doesn’t include these users either.

So what does this number mean?

We talk a lot about our community, mostly in terms of the developers who are so instrumental in giving people back ownership of their data – even if they want to sync and share that data. But what these apps represent is a growing private-user community. Oh sure, tiny by Dropbox standards, but growing steadily and proving that people will expend a little effort to ensure their privacy and control. People – including many small businesses and colleges – who do not want to sign away their rights, or expose their data.

I think it also shows just how far ownCloud and our technology has come is a very short amount of time and how much farther we will go. In a very short time the ownCloud server and ownCloud apps (and desktop clients) have matched – and in some cases exceeded – the industry leaders in features, functions, performance and ease of use. And we’ve done it as a startup with the great help of the ownCloud community.

What do we do now? We humbly thank our community – our Community Edition developers, users, UX designers, testers, and other community supporters who help us in many ways. Thank you for helping us realize a vision of data privacy and control, and thank you for helping and getting your data back into your own control, and your own hands – with your ownCloud.

Now, can anyone say 1 million apps?

ownCloud GmbH

October 2, 2013

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