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1. March 2018

Microsoft in front of the US Supreme Court:
Why you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to data souverainity

The US juridiction is negotiating if national cloud providers with customers in Europe must give stored data to the government in case of an investigation. A verdict is expected in June, with far-reaching consequences for European data protection. Users should therefore rely early on solutions where […]

Press releases
26. February 2018

First filesharing solution receives ISAE 3000 certification

The EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) storage solution is a joint development by ownCloud and the Austrian cyminds GmbH and the first platform to meet the ISAE 3000 standard, making it particularly suitable for customers in the financial and insurance industry, where sensitive data is frequently […]

Press releases
30. January 2018

ownCloud Wins Record Result in 2017

The leading provider of open source software for secure file sharing (Enterprise File Sync & Share) increased its revenue by more than 50% compared to the previous year. The increase was particularly strong in the German-speaking countries, where business volume grew by 100 %. The company sees […]

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30. January 2018

ownCloud’s refactored LDAP app significantly improves sync performance and efficiency

by Jörn Dreyer and Tom Needham With the release of user_ldap 0.10.0 on Dec 20th 2017, we greatly improved the performance of our LDAP app. The user_ldap app provides a user backend for ownCloud. It allows to use an existing directory of users and give them access to their data. Because of this, the […]

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23. January 2018

After Spectre and Meltdown: Why “Private” means “Performance”

The security gaps in processors will persist for a long time to come in the context of public-cloud infrastructures. But, even if the companies can minimise this risk with new patches, users could suffer long-term losses in performance, a higher CPU utilization and general rising and harder to plan […]

Press releases
2. January 2018

ownCloud expands services for research and educational institutions

The filesharing specialist ownCloud announces a further improvement of his joint offer with GÉANT for the coming year. Universities and other institutions can purchase the open source solution directly from ownCloud at particularly favourable conditions. The new pricing model ranges from attractive […]

Press releases
19. December 2017

Prevent & Protect: ownCloud Now Includes Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

The new ownCloud App, recently made available in the ownCloud Marketplace, protects users from over 90% of all known ransomware, as well as enables them to recover the affected data in the case of a successful attack. In particular, this is ensured by two new features. First is the integration of a […]

News from ownCloud, Partner
28. November 2017

Sciebo Reaches 100,000 User Mark!

Today we celebrate that one of the first large projects at ownCloud, Sciebo, has recently surpassed the 100,000-user mark! This success serves as a milestone in the viable long-term product delivery of ownCloud. This milestone is made even more remarkable since Sciebo is a service where users must […]

Apps, Product
13. November 2017

App of the Week: Bookmarks

This week‘s App of the Week blog post features an App from the ownCloud Community. Bookmarks creates the possibility to manage browser bookmarks within ownCloud and therefore increases your daily productivity. Using the Bookmarks App is simple and straight forward. If you want to keep a link to a […]

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10. November 2017

Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Personal Account with ownCloud

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard about the Google Docs glitch that locked users out of their accounts. This latest security issues further underscores the fact that users’ do not have full control over their data. Users reported being locked out […]

Press releases
8. November 2017

ownCloud Delivers Secure Authentication and Authorization with the Integration of OAuth2

The open industrial standard OAuth2 is now available for all ownCloud users. OAuth2 ensures a secure and simplified login process for ownCloud clients, as well as a significantly higher security level when embedding ownCloud into third party applications and web services. Due to the future […]

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26. October 2017

Docker, DevOps and ownCloud – a Dream Team!

With the release of ownCloud X (10.0.x) we have published official Dockerfiles that are maintained by ownCloud developers. We have also added it as one of the recommended ways to install ownCloud into the documentation.  You are more than welcome to try this out and give us your feedback […]

Press releases
16. October 2017

IT-Awards 2017: ownCloud once again #1

At the prestigious industry award, which is awarded directly by the readers of Vogel IT-Verlag, the EFSS specialist has secured "Platinum" in the "Enterprise File Sharing" category for the second time. The trade visitors acknowledged the high focus that ownCloud places on guaranteeing maximum […]

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15. September 2017

ownCloud and epiKshare Deliver Solution for Secure End-to-End Encryption

Nuremberg, September 13, 2017 – ownCloud, the open platform for productivity and security in digital collaboration, and epiKshare, the specialist for system integration and data security, are providing a new, fully integrated solution for data encryption with ownCloud Enterprise E2EE. The […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
15. September 2017

App of the Week: Activity

Welcome to the sixth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today we’d like to introduce the ownCloud Activity Application. It provides a comprehensive overview of all file and folder actions in ownCloud and is also able to trigger automatic Email notifications for defined types of […]

News from ownCloud
12. September 2017

Back to School: Where is Your Child’s Information Stored?

It’s that time of year again. The kids are packing their backpacks and getting ready to head back to school. And while all parents worry about their child’s physical well-being, have they stopped to consider the well-being of their child’s personal information? With Google’s court ruling […]

News from ownCloud
7. September 2017

Google Summer of Code: Security and Storage Integration – ownCloud looks back on successful participation

Google’s “Summer of Code” is over and ownCloud takes stock. The file sync and share specialist took part in the international open source scholarship as a mentoring organization for the second time this year and supervised three student projects. All results received the best […]

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1. September 2017

Private Cloud Trend Brings Strong Growth to ownCloud in First Half of 2017

Nuremberg, September 01, 2017 – With its innovative solution, ownCloud is one of the leading providers of software for secure data exchange (Enterprise File Sync & Share) and is progressively gaining market share. Today, the company announces that in the first half of 2017 order intakes […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
1. September 2017

App of the Week: Announcement Center

Welcome to the fifth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today’s topic is the ownCloud Announcement Center, a small and lightweight way for administrators to communicate individual announcements to all users of an ownCloud instance. We all can agree that communication is key when it […]

News from ownCloud, Use Cases
31. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Increase Productivity – everywhere for everybody!

One of the key challenges in companies today is the need for seamless digital collaboration across devices, storage systems and geographical locations with internal and external users. The increasing mobile workforce needs enterprise-grade tools for secure collaboration that is compliant with […]

News from ownCloud
29. August 2017

Update: Google and Microsoft Cases: Know Where Your Data Is!

All the way back in February (where has the time gone?) I posted a blog, Threats to your Data in the Trump Age, where I outlined possible threats to your data, including a recent ruling against Google and a Microsoft case that was still in the court system. In early February “a U.S. judge has […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
24. August 2017

App of the Week: Custom Groups

Welcome to the fourth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today we’d like to introduce a small yet important application for ownCloud called Custom Groups and show why it makes the collaboration of users so much more efficient. When working in larger companies, the number of users […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
18. August 2017

App of the Week: Auditing

Welcome to the third part of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. In this entry we would like to introduce the ownCloud Auditing application and showcase why logging and auditing of user events & activities is crucial for secure enterprise filesharing scenarios. When it comes to sensitive […]

News from ownCloud, Product, Use Cases
17. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Step out of the Shadows: How to provide a user accepted EFSS solution under your control

The introduction of consumer cloud services has marked a notably dramatic change in working and sharing habits, as well as increased flexibility and productivity. All of a sudden, users were able to sync, share and access all of their files from everywhere across devices. Collaboration became easier […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
11. August 2017

App of the Week: LDAP Home Connector

Welcome to the second part of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. In this post we would like to introduce the ownCloud LDAP Home Connector application, shed light on how it works and of course explain why it is so useful. The LDAP Home Connector is not to be confused with the LDAP […]

News from ownCloud, Use Cases
8. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate Unstructured Data Now!

The IT landscape in many enterprises today consists of a variety of storage types and locations that have grown consistently over the years. Critical company data is scattered across servers, datacenters, devices or even cloud storages. These so-called data silos pose a not to be underestimated […]

News from ownCloud, Partner
4. August 2017

DSSI forms a new partnership with ownCloud to extend security for EFSS

Powerful Enterprise File Sync and Share with ownCloud X Enterprise Edition DSSI, a Value Added distributor in the area of information technology, signed a new partnership during June 2017 with ownCloud, a German company specialized in providing an enterprise file sync and share solution for more […]

1. August 2017

App of the Week: Market

Welcome to our first of our new blog series, App of the Week. Each week we will feature a different ownCloud App that can be found in the ownCloud Marketplace. The first app on our list is: The Market App is now included in all versions of ownCloud X (10.x.x.) versions. The app allows our […]

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25. July 2017

CIO Agenda: Facing Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation

In the past years the role of IT professionals got shifted towards a more strategic dimension and often comes with the term of „transformation“. Especially CIOs are facing more and more challenges in an environment of digital disruption.  In the next five years, CIOs expect their companies’ […]

Partner, Product, Use Cases
24. July 2017

Univention and ownCloud: A Docker (Love) Story

This is a guest blog post by our partner Univention.  Docker has been one of the buzzwords in recent years. Containers in itself are nothing new in the Linux world, and anyone using a shared web space is almost certainly using some container implementation. Docker, however, provides management […]

News from ownCloud
11. July 2017

ownCloud Marketplace Now Contains Full Enterprise Trial Version

ownCloud is bringing its full set of Enterprise functionalities to the ownCloud Marketplace. This is another big step towards making ownCloud more modular and flexible. In the future you will be able to choose from a variety of apps directly from the ownCloud Marketplace – that means its now […]

ownCloud Blog Post
News from ownCloud, Partner, Product
6. July 2017

Guest Post: What End-to-End Encryption in Enterprise Cloud environments needs

Cornelius Kölbel is Managing Director at NetKnights GmbH and has more than 20 years experience in IT services. Since 2003 he focused on IT security. His expertise is in the area of content security, encryption and strong authentication. Your Data is at risk. And thus, is your personal life and your […]

News from ownCloud
5. July 2017

ownCloud Combats WannaCry, Petya & Co: Announcement of More Ransomware Protection

After the current waves of attack of ransomware WannaCry in May and its successor Petya a few days ago, agitation prevails in many IT departments: How can you protect your company against these attacks, which have the potential to destroy all files? The economic damage is now already in the billions […]

News from ownCloud
22. June 2017

Walmart vs Amazon: The Competition is On, But Where’s Your Data?

There are many reasons to run your own Cloud! The latest reason? The Walmart versus Amazon battle that has just commenced—simply put, competition. According to Barb Darrow’s article Walmart Gears Up Anti-Amazon Stance in Wake of Whole Foods Deal on Fortune, Amazon’s plan to purchase Whole […]

News from ownCloud
7. June 2017

Extended Party: ownCloud X Launch Event a Full Success

May 23 was the day we were all waiting for–ownCloud celebrated the launch of the latest enterprise edition of its file sync and share solution, ownCloud 10.0.2, at the KOMED event center in Cologne. As of now, ownCloud X is fully available to enterprise customers. In addition to exciting […]

News from ownCloud, Product, Updates
24. May 2017

ownCloud X Enterprise Makes its Grand Debut

It is with great excitement that we announce the official release of ownCloud X Enterprise. This historic event was announced with fanfare yesterday at the ownCloud X event in Cologne surrounded by our closest friends and family. And to further celebrate this significant achievement we […]

News from ownCloud
16. May 2017

X-tended Productivity in ownCloud X

There is just one more week left until the grand premiere of ownCloud X Enterprise! Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing new features and capabilities each week, including extended security and extended performance. This week’s latest feature announcement is extended productivity […]

News from ownCloud, Product, Updates
11. May 2017

Why you should attend the ownCloud X Enterprise Launch Event

Are you using the ownCloud in a business environment? Probably it suffices for your needs, but there is a lot more potential in ownCloud and other interesting use cases, which can also benefit you! As we are introducing ownCloud X Enterprise at our launch event in Cologne, ownCloud experts are […]

News from ownCloud
8. May 2017

X-tended Performance in ownCloud X

As we have previously announced, the release of ownCloud X is getting closer. Last week we announced the new extended security in the latest ownCloud Edition and this week we are excited to announce that ownCloud X will also offer extended performance features/functionalities. One of the key aspects […]

Partner, Updates
5. May 2017

Collabora Online 2.1 released

Cambridge, United Kingdom – May 4, 2017 – Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the Cloud, is pleased to announce a new major release of its flagship enterprise-ready cloud document suite – Collabora Online 2.1, including many new features and improvements. […]

News from ownCloud
1. May 2017

ownCloud X Offers X-tended Security

With the highly-anticipated release of ownCloud X, we are excited to announce that the latest update will offer extended security features/functionalities. The launch of ownCloud X follows the vision of secure file sharing for enterprises and extends it with important improvements and fresh security […]

Press releases
29. April 2017

ownCloud X: A new Generation of ownCloud focussing on Security, Performance and Productivity – Marketplace offers Flexibility for Extensions

Nuremberg, 28th April 2017 – Extended Security, Extended Performance, Extended Productivity: ownCloud is launching the new major release 10.0.0 “ownCloud X”. Apart from more than 200 improvements it will contain three essential innovations: File Integrity checking, a more flexible […]

News from ownCloud, Product, Updates
27. April 2017

Introducing: ownCloud X

Who do you trust with your data – your country? Any other state? Your boss, your IT department? Your husband? Google or Dropbox? And why don’t they trust you that you are able to choose yourself, who you trust with your data? Cross them – with ownCloud X. ownCloud X marks a new ownCloud […]

News from ownCloud
24. April 2017

ownCloud X is on the Horizon

We are excited to announce that the latest version of ownCloud, ownCloud X, is on its way! ownCloud X marks a new generation in the development of the ownCloud software. It creates a product that extends file sharing with a clear commitment to enterprise-focused security and performance while […]

News from ownCloud
21. April 2017

Warning Before Entering Personal Data When Submitting Bug Reports – Use of Config Report in ownCloud

According to a recent blog published by security specialist Hanno Boeck and to a report published in Golem, use of the bug report function on Github has resulted in the potential publication of passwords by different users. When you fill out a bug report with ownCloud, you are asked for the contents […]

News from ownCloud
13. April 2017

Latest Update on EU-US Privacy Shield

In February I published a blog “Threats to your Data in the Trump Age” outlining the ramifications President Trump’s administration will have on the newly implemented EU-US Privacy Shield and the concerns for the safety of private data following a January executive order. While much of these […]

News from ownCloud
31. March 2017

Were Your Private Files and Information Leaked by Docs.com?

This past Sunday ZDnet’s Zack Whittaker was the first to report that Microsoft’s document sharing site, Docs.com, has been leaking users’ personal files and information. “Users had complained over the weekend on Twitter that anyone could use the site’s search box to trawl through […]

News from ownCloud
16. February 2017

Threats to your Data in the Trump Age

Just about year after the fall of the Safe Harbor agreement, the European Commission agreed upon a new framework, EU-US Privacy Shield, for data-transfers between the EU and the US this past August and was officially put into place as of February 1st 2017 with the declaration of the EU countries […]

ownCloud Blog Post
News from ownCloud
14. February 2017

ownCloud Wins Open Source File Sync Application of the Year!

We are so excited to announced that ownCloud has beat out a number of great competitors for 2016’s Linux Questions’ Member’s Choice Awards Open Source File Sync Application of the Year! On the behalf of all of us here at ownCloud—Thank you! It is once again because of our faithful users and […]

News from ownCloud
15. December 2016

TMR’s EFSS Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Growth!

Transparency Market Research has published its forecast of the EFSS market as far as 2024. According to TMR: Rising need for digitalization of business processes and file sharing solutions in enterprises is expected to drive the enterprise file sharing and synchronization market. Also, with the […]

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