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8. July 2020

Digitization initiatives, boosting efficiency and lessons learned in lockdown

In the July issue of ownCloud monthly, we talk about digitization initiatives, boosting efficiency and lessons learned in lockdown.

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2. July 2020

ownCloud wins Compuwave as distribution partner

By cooperating with ownCloud, Compuwave expands its distribution offer with the content collaboration solution of the same name, ownCloud.

30. June 2020

Peace of mind through open source

Because ownCloud is open source, users can see for themselves that it works as advertised and can be trusted.

26. June 2020

Checklist for secure cloud providers

More and more companies are turning to cloud services in their everyday lives that were actually developed for consumers. But do these solutions really offer sufficient protection for sensitive data? Six steps to success:

23. June 2020

How Germany can steer digitalization in the right direction

The corona crisis has provided a real boost to digitalization. This momentum must be carried along when Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency in July – and steer it in the right direction.

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Blog, Getting started
18. June 2020

How to get started, Part 4a: Special features on iPhone and iPad

This is the fourth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to reap the benefits of ownCloud's Mobile App for iPhone and iPad.

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16. June 2020

Gartner includes ownCloud in 2020 Content Collaboration Market Guide

Gartner includes ownCloud in its 2020 Market Guide for Content Collaboration Tools, as the only open-source competitor.

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4. June 2020

Promises and perils of sudden digitization

In the June issue of ownCloud monthly, we talk about promises and perils of sudden digitization and accessibility.

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28. May 2020

Use ownCloud to create local-first Alternatives to Cloud Apps

Ever wondered how to retain control over your data while using Apps? You might want to check out local-first software, designed to store data locally and sync while online.

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26. May 2020

Cloud Computing Insider-Award: Vote now!

ownCloud is the defending champion at the Cloud Computing Insider Award 2020 in the category File Sharing & Collaboration. Share your Love for your preferred File sharing & Collaboration Tool Four-time winner, ownCloud has been nominated for the CloudComputing Insider Award in the category […]

25. May 2020

Happy 2nd Birthday, GDPR! Now, reduce legal uncertainty.

On may 25th, the GDPR is in effect for exactly 2 years. Yet there still is no clear guidance from data protection commissioners on which platforms, products and services can be safely used or not, says Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud.

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14. May 2020

Keep teaching with ownCloud.online for the education sector.

ownCloud.online for the education sector allows teachers to safely distribute files as links with passwords and expiry dates, integrated office functionality lets students collaborate in real time. It's hosted (certified secure) so schools don’t need it staff.

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