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Getting started
30. July 2020

How to get started, Part 6: File Drop Folders

This is the sixth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to create public upload folders for outside contacts to save files and folders to.

Partner, Press releases
29. July 2020

QNAP Systems Inc. and ownCloud GmbH announce strategic partnership

Combining QNAP‘s industry-leading NAS devices with ownCloud’s leading open-source Content Collaboration Software

27. July 2020

This is how we would shape Gaia-X.

The planned European Cloud stack Gaia-X inspires dreams of digital sovereignty. Christian Schmitz, our Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, contributes a few policy ideas.

ownCloud Blog Post
Getting started
23. July 2020

How to get started, Part 5: Public links

This is the fifth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to create public links to files and folders.

News from ownCloud
22. July 2020

Berlin’s Data Protection Chief urges data withdrawal from US Clouds

In Berlin, the first tangible consequence of the ECJ's ruling against the EU-US Privacy Shield puts organizations on the spot. There is a way out - best-of-breed open-souce software hosted on-premises or in private clouds.

17. July 2020

Microsoft, will you provide solutions that comply with European law?

ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff answers the blog post by Microsoft's Julie Brill, trying to assure customers about cross-border data flows after last week's ruling of the European Court of Justice.

Comments, Kommentare
16. July 2020

Privacy Shield: ownCloud welcomes ECJ ruling

Bye, Privacy Shield: The ECJ today declared the data transfer agreement between the EU and the USA invalid. This means that organizations are no longer allowed to store the personal data of EU citizens with US cloud providers.

13. July 2020

Receive files the safe way with File Drop Folders in ownCloud.

Collect bids, proposals, homework, feedback and anonymous tips, efficiently.

News from ownCloud, ownCloud in the news
8. July 2020

Digitization initiatives, boosting efficiency and lessons learned in lockdown

In the July issue of ownCloud monthly, we talk about digitization initiatives, boosting efficiency and lessons learned in lockdown.

Press releases
2. July 2020

ownCloud wins Compuwave as distribution partner

By cooperating with ownCloud, Compuwave expands its distribution offer with the content collaboration solution of the same name, ownCloud.

30. June 2020

Peace of mind through open source

Because ownCloud is open source, users can see for themselves that it works as advertised and can be trusted.

26. June 2020

Checklist for secure cloud providers

More and more companies are turning to cloud services in their everyday lives that were actually developed for consumers. But do these solutions really offer sufficient protection for sensitive data? Six steps to success:

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