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14. May 2020

Keep teaching with ownCloud.online for the education sector.

ownCloud.online for the education sector allows teachers to safely distribute files as links with passwords and expiry dates, integrated office functionality lets students collaborate in real time. It's hosted (certified secure) so schools don’t need it staff.

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Blog, Getting started
16. April 2020

How to get started, Part 4: Mobile Apps

This is the fourth post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to use ownCloud's Mobile App to access your data on the go.

Press releases
14. April 2020

How ransomware attacks can be successfully fended off with file sharing systems

File sharing solutions not only enable efficient file exchange. They can also be an extremely effective defence against ransomware.

Blog, Getting started
6. April 2020

How to get started, Part 3: The Desktop App

This is the third post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to use ownCloud's Desktop App to clone your data in the cloud to your computer, and vice versa, and keep both places updated - automagically.

News from ownCloud
1. April 2020

Learning continues in secure clouds

The Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG) and ownCloud offer an open cloud platform for schools in partnership

Blog, Getting started
31. March 2020

How to get started, Part 2: The Web App

This is the second post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You'll learn how to use ownCloud right in your browser.

Blog, Getting started
27. March 2020

How to get started, Part 1: Personal Settings

This is the first post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You’ll learn how to personalize your account, where to set a profile picture and where to change your password.

26. March 2020

Corona makes it all too clear: we urgently need a European data infrastructure

The mass work from home exacerbates a problem that we have been struggling with in Germany and Europe for some time.

News from ownCloud
25. March 2020

Proud to help: Remote learning platform for all schools and universities across Europe

ownCloud partners with Up2U, GÉANT, CERN and many more to provide cloud solution for European schools.

News from ownCloud
19. March 2020

Remote made even easier: Introducing ownCloud.Online, our SaaS Solution.

Currently, organizations need a fast way to spin up remote work environments for their staff. Imagine you could use ownCloud, the market-leading enterprise share and sync, without it staff on your payroll or servers in your basement. Now you can: With ownCloud.Online, you get the safety, ease of use […]

13. March 2020

Switching to remote: Our best practices using open-source software

As many organizations around the world are now learning the hard way, sending your staff home to work remotely takes some preparation and tools but also some cultural adjustments. We at ownCloud are remote-friendly from way back. We have set up our procedures in such a way that colleagues can work […]

12. March 2020

Secure and privacy-compliant work from home office

“Hands off public cloud services” Italy is already under lockdown, while Germany is threatened with similarly drastic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. At the beginning of the week, the European Central Bank (ECB) already sent part of its staff to the home office for a day. […]

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