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Press releases
19. February 2019

Collaboration in education and research: How schools and universities can benefit from secure cloud infrastructure

Cloud collaboration software enables increased productivity when exchanging data and collaborating on documents. In the education sector, in particular, there are significantly higher security and data protection requirements. German federal states are therefore increasingly relying on the […]

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7. February 2019

ownCloud Server 10.1 Brings Integration of Microsoft Office Online and New Collaboration Features

The new ownCloud version contains significant improvements for much easier collaboration on files. By supporting the Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol (WOPI), it will be possible in the future to integrate Microsoft Office Online Server into ownCloud. Users can benefit from increased […]

25. January 2019

Office 365 fails on a large scale – and thus provides another argument for more decentralization in IT

As several news sites report, there was a widespread breakdown of the online services of Microsoft Office 365 on Thursday, January 25. The extent of the outage only became clear after individual companies reported to media representatives and described that IT had been paralyzed since the morning […]

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9. January 2019

ownCloud Again With Record Result in 2018

The world’s leading provider of open source software for secure file exchange once again significantly increased its revenue last year. This means that growth in 2018 reached a mid double-digit rate. The company identifies a significant increase in demand for secure private cloud solutions in […]

News from ownCloud
20. December 2018

ownCloud 2018: A Year of Setting the Course

2018 was not only ownCloud’s most successful year to date in economic terms, but also brought numerous technical innovations that will have a decisive impact on the development of the largest open source file-sharing project worldwide in the coming years. Features such as a new modular user […]

13. December 2018

Digital Sovereignty: Can Open Software Be The Solution To Europe’s Data Governance Challenge?

Data, processes and entire infrastructures are increasingly migrating to the cloud – and thus often to the USA or China. Does this endanger the right of European and German businesses, societies and governments to maintain digital autonomy? The German “Plattform Innovative […]

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6. December 2018

ownCloud Enterprise Receives User-Friendly End-To-End Encryption with Hardware Support

ownCloud announces the second generation of End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) for ownCloud Enterprise. The plugin enables encryption and decryption by generating a “key pair” including a private key and public key, which takes place directly with the sender and recipient in the web browser. […]

21. November 2018

Closed Source, Closed Information: How the Microsoft Business Model Undermines GDPR

It’s happened, and it can happen again at any time: According to a report by the Dutch government, Microsoft is the first major IT corporation to violate EU data protection regulations. According to the report, the company stored private data of Office users on a large scale – even on US […]

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12. November 2018

ownCloud Certifies SUSE Enterprise Storage Ceph/S3 API for ownCloud Enterprise Edition

Nuremberg, November 12th, 2018: T ownCloud Certifies SUSE Enterprise Storage Ceph/S3 API for ownCloud Enterprise Edition   Nuremberg, October 31st, 2018: Today ownCloud announced SUSE Enterprise Storage Ceph/S3 API as a certified storage backend for its ownCloud Enterprise Edition. All […]

Press releases
5. November 2018

ownCloud Introduces Completely Redesigned iOS App and SDK

The new ownCloud iOS app has received a completely redesigned architecture that includes significant security enhancements and many new features. Users now benefit from more freedom in processing their files and an improved user experience, thanks to the integration with iOS. The app also provides […]

News from ownCloud
31. October 2018

ownCloud Supports Automated Login Through Windows, Using SAML Authentication

ownCloud's SAML integration puts security and usability first. Make your employees more productive and your IT infrastructure more secure with on-premises solutions.

Press releases
16. October 2018

Simple, Secure, Hosted in German Data Centers: ownCloud Presents Ready-to-Use SaaS Filesharing Solution

With "ownCloud.online", ownCloud introduces a new cloud solution that combines the advantages of open source and secure hosting in German data centers with the user-friendliness of public cloud services.

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