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News from ownCloud
9. July 2019

Become a Speaker at ownCloud Conference 2019

From September 17 to 20, 2019 ownCloud Conference 2019 opens its doors in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the place to be for ownCloud administrators and developers and those who want to become them. It will have interactive workshops, talks on interesting use cases and discussions on the future of the […]

Press releases
3. July 2019

ownCloud and Collabora Enable Setting up Virtual Data Rooms with New “Secure View” Feature

With “Secure View”, ownCloud and Collabora Online present a first of its kind, entirely new way of individually restricting data and information exchange. The fully controllable restrictions range from simple download deactivation to a highly-protected read-only option. Enterprise users thus can […]

Press releases
26. June 2019

ownCloud presents completely new version of the iOS App

The new ownCloud iOS app introduces numerous brand new features like a new TLS certificate management system, enhanced file management, user functionality and integration options that result in improving security and convenience. The new ownCloud iOS app comes equipped with a blazing fast […]

19. June 2019

ownCloud Has a ❤️ for Sysadmins – That’s Why Our Windows Client Is Available as MSI File

The alternative (but rather boring) version of this article’s headline would have been “ownCloud Desktop Client for Windows Is Provided as Enterprise-ready Windows Installer (MSI)”. While that’s true and while “enterprise-ready” is a phrase we use frequently (for a reason), it doesn’t […]

Press releases
19. June 2019

New Version of ownCloud App for Android Brings Better File Management and More Transparency for Developers

Version 2.11 of the ownCloud mobile app for Android provides users with more options for flexibly accessing and organizing files which they have stored in their ownCloud. With the newly developed “Document Provider”, files stored in an ownCloud can now be opened, edited or sent directly […]

Press releases
20. May 2019

ownCloud 10.2 Introduces Advanced Sharing Permissions, Secure View Feature and automatic Synchronization between Federated Clouds

The new server version of ownCloud focuses on more freedom and security in file distribution. The “Advanced Sharing Permissions” feature in particular provides developers with far-reaching options for implementing individual release functions at user and group level as well as providing […]

News from ownCloud
2. May 2019

ownCloud is Nominated for the CloudComputing Insider Award 2019

Three time winner, ownCloud has been nominated for the CloudComputing Insider Award in the category of: File Sharing & Collaboration Over the last three years (with categories structured slightly differently) readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” have voted ownCloud the number one […]

17. April 2019

ownCloud’s Microsoft Office Integration – it Was Never so Easy to Collaborate on Documents

How can you combine the advantages of the modern workplace with data privacy requirements? A modular infrastructure makes it possible: the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office moves teamwork to the next level.

News from ownCloud, Press releases
25. March 2019

BayernBox: ownCloud Delivers Central Cloud Solution for Bavarian Municipalities

With the BayernBox, the municipal administrations of the Free State of Bavaria now have access to their own online platform, which all employees can use to centrally manage their data, as well as to save, share and edit together. The control over the data remains always in the hands of the […]

News from ownCloud, Press releases
27. February 2019

ownCloud Launches Feature for Automated Classification and secure processing of documents

With the “Document Classification” extension, enterprise users now benefit from a feature that recognizes security levels in the metadata of documents and imposes sharing and access restrictions accordingly. This makes it possible to automatically classify documents in ownCloud and to […]

Press releases
19. February 2019

Collaboration in education and research: How schools and universities can benefit from secure cloud infrastructure

Cloud collaboration software enables increased productivity when exchanging data and collaborating on documents. In the education sector, in particular, there are significantly higher security and data protection requirements. German federal states are therefore increasingly relying on the […]

News from ownCloud, Press releases
7. February 2019

ownCloud Server 10.1 Brings Integration of Microsoft Office Online and New Collaboration Features

The new ownCloud version contains significant improvements for much easier collaboration on files. By supporting the Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol (WOPI), it will be possible in the future to integrate Microsoft Office Online Server into ownCloud. Users can benefit from increased […]

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