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News from ownCloud
11. April 2018

1.5 Billion Files Exposed, ownCloud Users are Not Among Them

Last week Digital Shadows announced the results of a report, Too Much Information, which found that over 1.5 Billion files were exposed through misconfigured services including: Amazon S3 buckets, rsync, SMB, FTP, NAS drives, and misconfigured websites. According to the report: “Organizations […]

Press releases
9. April 2018

ownCloud Implements Delta Sync Technology

Launching “Delta Sync,” ownCloud now offers a technology that accelerates the synchronization of updated files. This means that in case of a file change, only the modified parts will be uploaded or downloaded instead of the whole file. Delta Sync significantly reduces the volume of data […]

News from ownCloud
28. March 2018

CLOUD Act Passed by US Congress

Last month Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and Georgia Representative Doug Collins introduced The CLOUD (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) Act to the United States Congress in an attempt to change how data is collected from tech companies stored outside of the U.S. by both U.S. law enforcement […]

News from ownCloud
26. March 2018

ownCloud receives a new user interface

With "Phoenix" ownCloud integrates a completely redesigned frontend into its software. In the future, the interface should only contain HTML, JavaScript and CSS files and be completely independent from the server. The new WebUI creates a clearer and easier to understand code structure. The modular […]

1. March 2018

Microsoft in front of the US Supreme Court:
Why you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to data souverainity

The US juridiction is negotiating if national cloud providers with customers in Europe must give stored data to the government in case of an investigation. A verdict is expected in June, with far-reaching consequences for European data protection. Users should therefore rely early on solutions where […]

Press releases
26. February 2018

First filesharing solution receives ISAE 3000 certification

The EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) storage solution is a joint development by ownCloud and the Austrian cyminds GmbH and the first platform to meet the ISAE 3000 standard, making it particularly suitable for customers in the financial and insurance industry, where sensitive data is frequently […]

Press releases
30. January 2018

ownCloud Wins Record Result in 2017

The leading provider of open source software for secure file sharing (Enterprise File Sync & Share) increased its revenue by more than 50% compared to the previous year. The increase was particularly strong in the German-speaking countries, where business volume grew by 100 %. The company sees […]

News from ownCloud
30. January 2018

ownCloud’s refactored LDAP app significantly improves sync performance and efficiency

by Jörn Dreyer and Tom Needham With the release of user_ldap 0.10.0 on Dec 20th 2017, we greatly improved the performance of our LDAP app. The user_ldap app provides a user backend for ownCloud. It allows to use an existing directory of users and give them access to their data. Because of this, the […]

News from ownCloud
23. January 2018

After Spectre and Meltdown: Why “Private” means “Performance”

The security gaps in processors will persist for a long time to come in the context of public-cloud infrastructures. But, even if the companies can minimise this risk with new patches, users could suffer long-term losses in performance, a higher CPU utilization and general rising and harder to plan […]

Press releases
2. January 2018

ownCloud expands services for research and educational institutions

The filesharing specialist ownCloud announces a further improvement of his joint offer with GÉANT for the coming year. Universities and other institutions can purchase the open source solution directly from ownCloud at particularly favourable conditions. The new pricing model ranges from attractive […]

Press releases
19. December 2017

Prevent & Protect: ownCloud Now Includes Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

The new ownCloud App, recently made available in the ownCloud Marketplace, protects users from over 90% of all known ransomware, as well as enables them to recover the affected data in the case of a successful attack. In particular, this is ensured by two new features. First is the integration of a […]

News from ownCloud, Partner
28. November 2017

Sciebo Reaches 100,000 User Mark!

Today we celebrate that one of the first large projects at ownCloud, Sciebo, has recently surpassed the 100,000-user mark! This success serves as a milestone in the viable long-term product delivery of ownCloud. This milestone is made even more remarkable since Sciebo is a service where users must […]

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