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16. October 2017

IT-Awards 2017: ownCloud once again #1

At the prestigious industry award, which is awarded directly by the readers of Vogel IT-Verlag, the EFSS specialist has secured "Platinum" in the "Enterprise File Sharing" category for the second time. The trade visitors acknowledged the high focus that ownCloud places on guaranteeing maximum […]

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15. September 2017

ownCloud and epiKshare Deliver Solution for Secure End-to-End Encryption

Nuremberg, September 13, 2017 – ownCloud, the open platform for productivity and security in digital collaboration, and epiKshare, the specialist for system integration and data security, are providing a new, fully integrated solution for data encryption with ownCloud Enterprise E2EE. The […]

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15. September 2017

App of the Week: Activity

Welcome to the sixth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today we’d like to introduce the ownCloud Activity Application. It provides a comprehensive overview of all file and folder actions in ownCloud and is also able to trigger automatic Email notifications for defined types of […]

News from ownCloud
12. September 2017

Back to School: Where is Your Child’s Information Stored?

It’s that time of year again. The kids are packing their backpacks and getting ready to head back to school. And while all parents worry about their child’s physical well-being, have they stopped to consider the well-being of their child’s personal information? With Google’s court ruling […]

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7. September 2017

Google Summer of Code: Security and Storage Integration – ownCloud looks back on successful participation

Google’s “Summer of Code” is over and ownCloud takes stock. The file sync and share specialist took part in the international open source scholarship as a mentoring organization for the second time this year and supervised three student projects. All results received the best […]

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1. September 2017

Private Cloud Trend Brings Strong Growth to ownCloud in First Half of 2017

Nuremberg, September 01, 2017 – With its innovative solution, ownCloud is one of the leading providers of software for secure data exchange (Enterprise File Sync & Share) and is progressively gaining market share. Today, the company announces that in the first half of 2017 order intakes […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
1. September 2017

App of the Week: Announcement Center

Welcome to the fifth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today’s topic is the ownCloud Announcement Center, a small and lightweight way for administrators to communicate individual announcements to all users of an ownCloud instance. We all can agree that communication is key when it […]

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31. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Increase Productivity – everywhere for everybody!

One of the key challenges in companies today is the need for seamless digital collaboration across devices, storage systems and geographical locations with internal and external users. The increasing mobile workforce needs enterprise-grade tools for secure collaboration that is compliant with […]

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29. August 2017

Update: Google and Microsoft Cases: Know Where Your Data Is!

All the way back in February (where has the time gone?) I posted a blog, Threats to your Data in the Trump Age, where I outlined possible threats to your data, including a recent ruling against Google and a Microsoft case that was still in the court system. In early February “a U.S. judge has […]

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24. August 2017

App of the Week: Custom Groups

Welcome to the fourth entry of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. Today we’d like to introduce a small yet important application for ownCloud called Custom Groups and show why it makes the collaboration of users so much more efficient. When working in larger companies, the number of users […]

Apps, News from ownCloud, Product
18. August 2017

App of the Week: Auditing

Welcome to the third part of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. In this entry we would like to introduce the ownCloud Auditing application and showcase why logging and auditing of user events & activities is crucial for secure enterprise filesharing scenarios. When it comes to sensitive […]

News from ownCloud, Product, Use Cases
17. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Step out of the Shadows: How to provide a user accepted EFSS solution under your control

The introduction of consumer cloud services has marked a notably dramatic change in working and sharing habits, as well as increased flexibility and productivity. All of a sudden, users were able to sync, share and access all of their files from everywhere across devices. Collaboration became easier […]

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