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11. August 2017

App of the Week: LDAP Home Connector

Welcome to the second part of our ownCloud App of the Week blog series. In this post we would like to introduce the ownCloud LDAP Home Connector application, shed light on how it works and of course explain why it is so useful. The LDAP Home Connector is not to be confused with the LDAP […]

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8. August 2017

CIO Agenda – Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate Unstructured Data Now!

The IT landscape in many enterprises today consists of a variety of storage types and locations that have grown consistently over the years. Critical company data is scattered across servers, datacenters, devices or even cloud storages. These so-called data silos pose a not to be underestimated […]

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4. August 2017

DSSI forms a new partnership with ownCloud to extend security for EFSS

Powerful Enterprise File Sync and Share with ownCloud X Enterprise Edition DSSI, a Value Added distributor in the area of information technology, signed a new partnership during June 2017 with ownCloud, a German company specialized in providing an enterprise file sync and share solution for more […]

1. August 2017

App of the Week: Market

Welcome to our first of our new blog series, App of the Week. Each week we will feature a different ownCloud App that can be found in the ownCloud Marketplace. The first app on our list is: The Market App is now included in all versions of ownCloud X (10.x.x.) versions. The app allows our […]

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25. July 2017

CIO Agenda: Facing Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation

In the past years the role of IT professionals got shifted towards a more strategic dimension and often comes with the term of „transformation“. Especially CIOs are facing more and more challenges in an environment of digital disruption.  In the next five years, CIOs expect their companies’ […]

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24. July 2017

Univention and ownCloud: A Docker (Love) Story

This is a guest blog post by our partner Univention.  Docker has been one of the buzzwords in recent years. Containers in itself are nothing new in the Linux world, and anyone using a shared web space is almost certainly using some container implementation. Docker, however, provides management […]

News from ownCloud
11. July 2017

ownCloud Marketplace Now Contains Full Enterprise Trial Version

ownCloud is bringing its full set of Enterprise functionalities to the ownCloud Marketplace. This is another big step towards making ownCloud more modular and flexible. In the future you will be able to choose from a variety of apps directly from the ownCloud Marketplace – that means its now […]

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News from ownCloud, Partner, Product
6. July 2017

Guest Post: What End-to-End Encryption in Enterprise Cloud environments needs

Cornelius Kölbel is Managing Director at NetKnights GmbH and has more than 20 years experience in IT services. Since 2003 he focused on IT security. His expertise is in the area of content security, encryption and strong authentication. Your Data is at risk. And thus, is your personal life and your […]

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5. July 2017

ownCloud Combats WannaCry, Petya & Co: Announcement of More Ransomware Protection

After the current waves of attack of ransomware WannaCry in May and its successor Petya a few days ago, agitation prevails in many IT departments: How can you protect your company against these attacks, which have the potential to destroy all files? The economic damage is now already in the billions […]

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22. June 2017

Walmart vs Amazon: The Competition is On, But Where’s Your Data?

There are many reasons to run your own Cloud! The latest reason? The Walmart versus Amazon battle that has just commenced—simply put, competition. According to Barb Darrow’s article Walmart Gears Up Anti-Amazon Stance in Wake of Whole Foods Deal on Fortune, Amazon’s plan to purchase Whole […]

News from ownCloud
7. June 2017

Extended Party: ownCloud X Launch Event a Full Success

May 23 was the day we were all waiting for–ownCloud celebrated the launch of the latest enterprise edition of its file sync and share solution, ownCloud 10.0.2, at the KOMED event center in Cologne. As of now, ownCloud X is fully available to enterprise customers. In addition to exciting […]

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24. May 2017

ownCloud X Enterprise Makes its Grand Debut

It is with great excitement that we announce the official release of ownCloud X Enterprise. This historic event was announced with fanfare yesterday at the ownCloud X event in Cologne surrounded by our closest friends and family. And to further celebrate this significant achievement we […]

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