Now access your files even when you’re offline

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 5. September 2013

Ever wanted to get on the airplane with your iPad (or even iPhone) and edit a handful of files, but were not sure how to get those files back to the server so your team could have the updates?

Now, with the new updated iOS app, you can – with offline access. Just download the files while you are on the network, open them on the plane and edit them in your application of choice. When it is all done, save them back to the mobile app and the changes will be queued. It’s that simple with our latest iOS app, in app store now.

And as part of offline access, the latest app automatically retries failed uploads due to a connection problem, provides information on why an upload has failed and offers options for fixing it.

The iOS app is available in the Apple App store today for $.99.

Android users don’t worry, offline access will be coming to you shortly as well.

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