Now use ownCloud on your iPad, iPhone or Android!

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 1. August 2012

That’s right, available today for the first time are ownCloud apps in the Apple AppStore and Google Play. So now your customers and employees can quickly, easily and inexpensively (they are only 99 cents) access ownCloud from the world’s most popular mobile devices.

Here is another tool in your arsenal to move your employees to a more secure, self-hosted software that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure – from storage to security to reporting systems.

With these new apps, end users can securely log into an ownCloud instance, browse files and folders, and then download, open, update and upload files as needed. Photos and videos can also be set to be uploaded automatically from the Android app, and you can log into multiple ownCloud accounts. You can get more information here. Tell us what you think.

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