What’s next for the privacy-conscious ownCloud project

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 11. August 2015

Frank Karlitschek is a free software developer and privacy activist. He’ll be speaking at LinuxCon North America in August of this year. His topic, “Open source, safe and secure; A case for leaving data where it is,” is very timely given the rash of data breaches we’ve witnessed lately.

When I saw the list of presentations for LinuxCon, I could not resist the urge to talk with Karlitschek, who founded the ownCloud project and has been a KDEcontributor since 2001. Karlitschek is involved in a number of open source projects and is clearly a leader. Karlitschek also initiated and maintains the Open-PC and the Open Collaboration Services projects. In 2012, he launched the User Data Manifesto initiative. He’s the primary developer and maintainer websites and a co-host of RadioTux, the largest German Linux Podcast.

In this interview, Karlitschek previews his LinuxCon presentation for us.

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