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by Frank Karlitschek

posted on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

posted in Community

We released the latest version ownCloud Enterprise Edition today that includes several bug fixes and improvements all over the place including speed improvements with LDAP servers (by reducing the number of connections) and correct quota handling in complex external storage situations.

You can see the complete changelog here.

The community release got a few more fixes:

  • Several calendar bug fixes
  • Fixed "Show on Map" in contacts
  • A lot of contacts fixes
  • Several "Tasks" fixes

You can upgrade here. Enjoy!

2 Comments on this post:

  1. Luciana Brito

    please, I need some help.
    I want to use OpenStack Swift on Owncloud, but this service use Keystone as a Method of auth.
    I would like to know which changes were made that make possible connect Owncloud on Openstack?
    Have some method of auth for V2.0?
    The credentials that it uses are: URL, username, token and Root.
    please, if it’s possible, give a example.

    • Holger

      Keystone is currently not implemented in the SWIFT API of the External Storage Application. Depending on Enterprise Edition customers or Community activity it might be coming in the future. Till then you have to either use SWIFT without Keystone or the S3 API.

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