ownCloud 7 Community Edition Hot Feature: Turning Private Clouds into Public Clouds

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 1. July 2014

We launched ownCloud 7 Community Edition Beta last week and between now and the release of GA a few weeks from now, we’re going to be blogging on our community site about the important new features.

We started off today with Server-to-Server sharing. You can read more here, but I wanted to repeat here just how important this capability is.

Server-to-Server sharing — in so many words — allows Private Clouds to act like Public Clouds, but maintaining the control, privacy and security of Private Clouds. In a nutshell, S2S sharing allows admins using ownCloud to pair up separate instances so sharing is as easy (but still very highly managed) between instances as within one.

Again — more here, and watch this space for details on more features.

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