ownCloud 9.1 Enterprise Edition Now Available

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 20. September 2016

Previously we announced the release of ownCloud 9.1 Server, well, today we are excited to announce the enterprise version is also now available. ownCloud 9.1 Enterprise Edition introduces a number of new features and innovations including integrated Two-Factor Authentication, Workflow Engine, and Windows Server Notifications.

Two-Factor Authentication
In the past secure two-factor authentication was only available when using SAML/Shibboleth. But now, users can use plugins to allow additional technologies and tokens for secure authentication. This not only improves access security, but also provides administrators with an option for disabling individual tokens. External providers can also develop apps that prompt the user for a second factor when they login with their ownCloud password. This prevents traditional brute force attacks and protects sensitive data even more reliably. Users can only access their data if they know their password and are also in possession of the second factor.

Workflow Engine
The workflow engine allows triggers to be placed on new or modified files, while scripts of any type can be run. Documents then automatically converted into PDFs or sent by e-mail. The Workflow Engine works with the retention app, the file firewall and integrated tagging, it also allows numerous workflows to be addressed for integration into business processes.

Windows Server Notifications
SMB shares used to need to be scanned periodically for changes, because the server could not process automatic notifications. However, this led to problems, especially on large enterprise installations, where scanning files on volumes containing 100,000 files or more took too long, new changes usually took place before the scan was complete. ownCloud 9.1 Enterprise is now able to handle notifications directly from Windows network drives as a technology preview, making complete file scans obsolete.

For more information about ownCloud 9.1 Enterprise Edition view this recording of our recent webinar “What’s New in ownCloud 9.1 – More Security, Collaboration and Ease of Use”.
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Also be sure to watch our videos on our YouTube channel to get a short demo of these latest and greatest features.
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