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Integrate ownCloud with your Microsoft products

Integrate ownCloud with Microsoft for highly secure and privacy-compliant operation. ownCloud‘s high degree of adaptibility enables seamless and smooth integration into existing IT infrastructures. Choose ownCloud to increase the security and flexibility of your content collaboration.

ownCloud MS Integrations

Frontend Integrations

Improve productivity in content collaboration with a familiar user interface

Microsoft Office Online Server

ownCloud enables millions of users to open synced documents in office suites installed on their devices. To enable working in browsers, ownCloud also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft‘s browser-based office suite.

Browser-based editing has some neat advantages: With both ownCloud and the browser-based Office suite running on premises, sensitive files don’t ever have to leave an organization‘s servers. Users also have more choice of devices since all they need to work is a compatible browser.

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    Office 365

    With the integration for Office 365 Desktop, users open a file from the ownCloud Web interface directly in Office 365. They also save the file from their Office 365 Desktop App directly to the ownCloud server. This way, the edit process leaves no traces of the file on the device that was used to edit the file. Because every file access is logged, eligible admins can audit all the edits ever made to a file, enabling a digital document chain of custody. This integration is based on the Microsoft Office Forms Based Authentication Protocol, WebDAV, some Windows Registry magic and OpenID Connect.

    While the Microsoft 365 Desktop integration only works on Windows devices, there is also an integration for Office 365 Online. With the integration of Office 365 Online, users open a file from the ownCloud Web interface directly in Office 365 Online using the Web Application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) protocol – similar to how they would use Office Online Server.

      Screenshot Collabora

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      Want to combine Microsoft Office Online with ownCloud Enterprise to build a Virtual Workplace that is both convenient and secure?

      Microsoft Teams

      By integrating ownCloud with Microsoft Teams, a seamless connection between the two programs is enabled, providing easier handling and better security. Sensitive documents can be saved in ownCloud and by providing links to your Teams users or even editing the documents together in Office 365 no content has to be saved in the Microsoft Cloud.
      With a simple button in the Microsoft Teams app, data can be quickly accessed in ownCloud. Furthermore, files can be shared more quickly with colleagues from teams and worked on together.

      One of the key benefits of ownCloud is its ability to be branded to showcase your corporate identity. With the ownCloud Teams Integration we provide you the ability to customize your own Teams app with your brand‘s corporate identity and URL endpoint which you can then make available to all your Teams users! An ownCloud App provides the complete Azure AD single-sign-on experience leveraging OpenID Connect for a seamless authentication.

        ownCloud Microsoft Teams Tab

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        Use the Outlook Plugin to send emails with secure links to files instead of attachments. It is more secure and also means you can attach files of unlimited size.

        Screenshot Outlook Plugin

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        Storage Integrations

        Windows Network Drive

        Let remote workers sync files from your organization’s file server without a VPN. Share files on your file server ad-hoc with external contacts. It is easy when leveraging ownCloud as the file access platform for your existing storage, whether WND, SMB or Samba.


        Collaborative SMB in the ownCloud Enterprise extension External Storage: Windows Network Drives

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        Leverage the full range of Microsoft products while reducing risk and improving data protection.


        ownCloud for Sharepoint

        Mount SharePoint document libraries in ownCloud to enable mobile, web and sync client access.

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        Azure AD

        Identity and authentication is also a field in which organizations tend to have custom requirements and particular needs. This is why ownCloud uses the open standard interface OpenID Connect for full flexibility.

        Organizations that want to use ownCloud virtually have a free choice among the range of Identity Providers that support the OpenID Connect authentication standard – and this includes Azure AD.


        open id connect owncloud extension

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        “With ownCloud and Microsoft applications integrated, you get full productivity and seamless connectivity without risking unauthorized access or data protection breaches. It really is the best of both worlds. As ownCloud is Open Source, enterprises avoid vendor lock-ins and get full code transparency for additional peace of mind.”

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