ownCloud Announces Formation of the ownCloud Foundation

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 31. May 2016

Foundation Board will consist of members of open source community, contributors, users and commercial entities, all dedicated to the success and continuity of the ownCloud open source file sync and share project.

LEXINGTON, Mass., – May 31, 2016 – ownCloud, Inc. today announced the formation of the ownCloud Foundation, a not-for-profit entity with the charter of stewarding the ownCloud ecosystem, and guaranteeing the viability and availability of free ownCloud now and in the future.

ownCloud is the world’s most popular open source file sync and share software, developed by 1,000+ contributors and adopted by more than 10 million users.

ownCloud-Foundation-600The ownCloud Foundation governs and drives the vision, direction and development of the ownCloud ecosystem as a fully open source, community-based project. The Foundation is intended to increase global participation in the development and adoption of ownCloud for all users – from individuals to small and medium businesses and large enterprises. It also ensures the continuity of the ownCloud project, irrespective of any commercial entities.

“We are extremely proud of the how the free, community version of ownCloud, as well as the commercially supported product, have gained such wide adoption globally,” said Markus Rex, ownCloud, Inc., CEO and cofounder. “By placing the project in the hands of the Foundation we are relying on the collective wisdom of the ownCloud community to provide the same, positive guiding hand to the governance of the project as they have to the creation, nurturing and development of the ownCloud project.  This important step ensures the continued growth and success of the ownCloud ecosystem.”

The charter for the Foundation includes a governing board as well as working groups to be led by Foundation members.  The ownCloud Foundation board consists of seven members who span the ownCloud ecosystem from very active contributor to large scale deployment; the names of all board members will be announced by mid-July 2016. The initial working groups will focus on the areas of architecture, security, evangelism and the delivery of the annual ownCloud Contributor Conference.

The organizing documents for the ownCloud Foundation can be found here: https://foundation.owncloud.org

About ownCloud
Organizations that must share confidential data internally and externally rely on ownCloud’s on-premises enterprise Universal File Access platform. Only ownCloud gives IT the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data, preserve business processes and integrate with existing compliant infrastructures while offering users the modern collaboration experience they demand. This is made possible through ownCloud’s open, modular architecture, extreme extensibility and unique federated cloud sharing capabilities. For more information, visit: https://www.owncloud.com.

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